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    Health benefits of tea and coffee.

    What are the health benefits of tea and coffee?
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    There are health benefits for tea and they are:-

    1.You must have green tea to loose weight.
    2.In winter you can have ginger tea with other herbs like tulsi, elichi, sauf and cloves to bring heat in body.
    3.Red and black tea helps you to recover from bad health, prevents from cancer and good for heart.
    4.Always have tea without milk and less sugar.It helps in digestion.
    5.Tea leaves contains amino acids, Vitamin K, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese.

    There are health benefits for coffee and they are:-

    1.It contains antioxidants which are good for body.
    2.It acts as a stimulator.
    3.It protects you against skin cancer, liver cancer etc.

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