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    What is Ideal family life?

    What do we mean by ideal family life?
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  • Good question but a more Generic question.

    In my point of view, an Ideal family is who having good relation ship without any misunderstanding and spending time together for most of the time.

    Ofcourse, once you are in family, the responsibilities and personal work will be more either it is wife or husband with respect to their limits.

    To maintain it, be open and share any small news that will make others happy in the family. Provide frequent appreciations and love to your wife.

    Also, adding the point a family should always be in growth mode in their lifestyle.


  • Dear Choudary,
    An ideal family would be a joint family that would have defined roles and duties for every member.There would be no interference from other members and everyone will be independent - or in other words , it will be a factory where the members will contribute to the growth of the family without understanding each other.
    There is no room for egoism in an ideal family - there must be mutual respect among all the members and they should live within their means. Whetehr there is happiness or not , there should not be bickerings among the members. Peace must prevail at all times. Everyone should come forward to share other's problems.

  • Hello Jayanta Sir,

    That's a good and provoking question, but the answer to this question varies from person to person. The reason because of which I say this is that, the word 'ideal' is relative. But speaking in general terms first of all an 'ideal' family must be one where all the members have love and respect for each other. Where all the members exist peacefully and in perfect harmony. Such family has all the others members supporting the other member when the member is confronting some issues or some emotional turbulence. Where, all the decisions made for the whole family is taken after considering the effects of that decisions on each and every member of the family. Where each mature member of the family makes his genuine contribution in the development of the whole family.

    I might have missed many points but I think those were the basic qualifications for an 'ideal' family.



    "With silence comes peace. With peace comes freedom. With freedom...comes silence."

  • Hi,

    Their are many things to tell how an ideal family should be their but most of them doesn't know how to be.

    1. To be happy in a family it does not depend on the strength of the members but it can stand through the love and affection of the family.
    2. Respect between each other ,mutual understanding should be their.
    3. The way we live also includes for an ideal family life.
    4. Parents should groom their children in such a way that their habits should not change after sometime .
    5. Living together make more sense than living separately.
    6. When it is a group family or individual family their should not be ego,individuality.




  • Ideal family is that where there is no communication gap, there is no misunderstanding.

    Always in a family clarity should be there. You yourself should not imagine things. If you have a doubt talk out clearly and get clarification.

    Parent should be free with children. Give chance to them to express themselves.

    Children also should have discipline and respect towards elders.

  • In my point of view, an Ideal family is who having good relation with Parents,Neighbous, and most wife and chidrens.

    In this regards there is no misunderstading between family members and alaways a good envioment should be present between whole family members.

  • Nice question
    But the answer differs according to the person
    For a child,it consists of father,mother and siblings
    For a grown up, it consists of husband/wife and children
    But after all it doesn't depend on the members in the family
    it should be in such a way that the misunderstandings should not be for a longtime
    and no one among the family should dare to tell a lie among them

    Successful people always have two things on their lips- 'Silence' and 'Smile'.
    Smile to solve the problem, and
    Silence to avoid the problem

  • HI Dear
    1.Understand Yourself to cope up with situation - Self realizations & self Analysis - Bagavathgita
    2.Understand your Spouse
    3.Understand Your Children
    4.Understand your Parents
    5.Understand your responsibility for each member separately
    6.Role play according to the members of the family understandings
    7.Play your role accordingly and avoid role stress
    8.Take your real time in decision makings for the family
    All the best

  • When peace, happiness and good health prevails in a family throughout, that family can be called as an ideal family.

    Whether it is a joint family or a nodal family, there should be unconditional love between the family members. The spirit of sacrifice, adaptability, forgive and forget policy will maintain harmony in the family.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

  • I think an ideal life can be acheived when:-
    ~you have no misunderstanding in your family members
    ~you have respect of your elders
    ~you have love for your childrens & your wife
    ~you have good undestanding between family members

    ~~ v ~~

  • according to me. an ideal family is the one in which every member have very good understanding with each other. they live life without any disputes, spend time with each other, talk to each other everyday, and always help each other.

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