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    Change Email in

    How to change my email ID in my account?
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  • Hi, Sachin,

    If you are talking about the ibibo email-id with which you login to your account on ibibo, then sorry to say that there is no way to change it. If you really want to change it then you have to create a new account with your desired email-id.

    In case you are asking about the email id, where you get all the updates from Ibibo, then you can change it easily.
    Follow the following steps to do so:
    1. Login to your ibibo account.
    2. Go to Settings(its link can be found on the right corner with your name in your ibibo account).
    3. Then click the "Edit profile".
    4. In the Edit Profile-> Contact.
    5. Change the Alternate email- id to your desired one. After changing this id you will receive emails and notifications by ibibo on your new/updated/changed email-id.
    NOTE: Above Alternate email-id you can see you ibibo-email id, which does not have any provision to get changed.
    Hence your Ibibo email id cannot be changed while you can change your alternate email id any time you want.


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