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    What was the name of Indias first newspaper?

    What Was The Name Of India's First Newspaper?
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    The name of first India's Newspaper was "The Bengal Gazette".

    The Bengal Gazette was published on January 29,1780.

  • In India the first News Paper was published on January 29, 1780 and called "Hickey's Bengal Gazette". This had an another name "Calcutta General Advertiser". It was published on weekly basis.

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  • The first major newspaper in India is :
    Hickey's Bengal Gazette or the Calcutta General Advertiser -
    It was a weekly newspaper, and was founded in 1779, in Calcutta by the capital of British India.

  • The name of Indian first news paper was 'The Bengal Gazette'.
    It was a weekly newspaper, and was founded in 1779, in Calcutta.
    That time calcutta (now Kolkata) was the capital of India that time.

  • Hi,
    Indian print media is very old as compared to other countries in the world. This had facilitated the then British ruler in India to print first news paper in the year 1780 and named as "The Bengal Gazette" for circulating daily news of the regions under British rule. Since Calcutta was the first British establishment known as East India Company, The first Indian news paper "The Bengal Gazette" was printed in Calcutta for circulation to other regions in India under British rule.
    Later the first news paper named " Samachar Darpan" was printed in Bengali Language.

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