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  • What is ethical hacking?

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  • Ethical hacking ,also known as white hat hacking is a hacking in which the hackers uses the same techniques as other hackers but it prevent the organisation from the other hackers by testing its security features.This type of hacking is done to check the security holes.

  • Ethical hacking can have various other names penetration testing, intrusion testing, red teaming, etc.

    Simply said, Ethical hackers are the good guys & thus proclaimed as the white hats. While the malicious hackers (crackers) or the bad guys are proclaimed as the black hats. Often black hats call themselves grey hats to elude the law & to throw off the crimes they commit as something the white hats do.

    Many people protest the use of the word 'Hack' , to directly refer to black hats (People prefer to use the word hack everywhere they can) as their work might relate to hacking but they might be doing perfectly legal stuff.

    Few examples could be :

    • Ethical Hacking -
      Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd. admit openly of performing DDOS attacks on torrent websites & other
      pirate heavens. Employed by many Bollywood companies to protect the distribution of pirated movies on web.

    • Unethical hacking -
      Any phishing website/emails you see are the direct attempts of unethical hacking on you. Cisco estimates about 80% emails circulating over the internet as scams & phishing emails.

  • Ethical means any action which is non harmful for any one.
    Hacking means a system in which someone try to destroy security and want to use without permision.
    So we can say ethical hacking means do hacking with a ethical use.

  • Breaking into computers or networks is called as hacking. A person who does hacking is called a hacker or cracker. There are different types of hackers. White Hats are the hackers who break into computers to find their weaknesses and instruct the owners to correct those weaknesses. This type of hackers are mostly appointed by the owners and they are the good guys. White hat hackers are also called ethical hackers and the hacking they do is what called as ethical hacking. On the other hand, Black Hat hackers are the hackers who break into computers or networks for personal purposes and may blackmail owners and demand money etc,. And these are the bad guys and also referred to as unethical hackers. Hacking done by unethical hackers is what called as unethical hacking. Hackers who are new to the field of hacking are called neophytes. Experts at hacking are called elite hackers. Now a days, movie producers/distributors are using hackers to delete the pirated versions of their movies uploaded within a few hours of release from the internet. Some people are hacking to black mail big shots and demand money from them etc,. The above two examples refer to ethical hacking and unethical hacking respectively.

    Hope this answer helps.

  • Take an instance of somebody who had have hacked the server by unethical Hacker or black hat Hackers. Then, propably, the company, institution or organization would certainly hire ethical Hackers to find out the issue and to fix the line of codes to bogged down the Malacious codes or script injections.

    In hacking niche, black hat is a virus and white hat is an antidode. The unethical Hackers break into a network system, security, and network host servers to steal information or money (Banks), and sometimes to cause damage by injecting a virus script or malware program to retrieve many informationa.

    Unethical hacking is against the law in many countries from US, India, UK but excluding China and most importantly please note that those people who engage in this act are considered cyber criminals. Once you caught, you won't be allow to touch computers and internet for the rest of your life. This crime is equal to murder.

    Unethical Hackers make viruses to scan your computer and retrieve confidential encrypted information using any spyware and malware that may be possible for the to stealing your account details or logging your keystrokes. If malware is on your computer, there is no way to stop as infections may have logged your new password.

    While these Hackers are called Elite Black Hat Hackers or Anonymous. They hack system server to punish the companies, banks, and even corrupt politicians. It's true Anonymous exists, they are both the Elite, Bad and Good guys.

    On the contrary, ethical Hackers are small Hackers with equal skills and intilligenence. They are the networking server or system professionals capable of finding exploit vulnerabilities and weakness or backdoor in the server security system. They are also penetration tester with different duties. In simply term they are the addition firewall for the system.

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