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    How to remove viruses from computer completely?

    My PC is totally fully affected by viruses can u help me to find out the solution..
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  • Install a anti-virus software and scan the computer. Some new types of virus will not removed by anti-virus. So you need to reinstall your operating system.

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  • Your computer can be infected by viruses,spywares and also trojans,so only a antivirus would not accomplish your job.

    Use a updated fullversion antivirus or free version antivirus and give a full scan to all your drives.

    Use a antispyware such as COMBOFIX and MALWARE BYTES which are available for free.These are powerful antispayware cleaning utilities.

    Use an antitrojan such as TROJAN REMOVER whic is also available for free which cleans up your system registry and trojans.

    You can get them by searcing them in goolge and they are downloadable at free of cost.

  • Solution for less affected by virus

    If your computer is affected only in few areas it is better to install antivirus software. Install any antivirus software but it must be up to date (updated). Scan your computer and remove threads. Many antivirus are available in internet for free such as AVG. You can download and install anyone you like. Dont install more than one antivirus software it may slow down your computer.

    Solution for heavily affected by virus
    If your computer is heavily affected format your computer. Better reinstall your OS. Before reinstalling take backup of your important files.
    Reason :Antivirus can remove only limited threads. Even if you original antivirus, virus affects your antivirus software first then it affects your computer. So dont believe your antivirus software if your computer is affected more.

  • If your PC is affected by your PC then you can buy an anti virus which can help you removing such viruses from your pc. Some are some popular Anti virus softwares which you can try-

    1. Norton
    2. Kaspersky
    3. AVG
    4. Avast
    5. Mcafe

    You can use any of them's latest updated version.

    And if your PC is very badly affected by the viruses and your Operating System is affected then its better for you to format your current OS (Operating System) and re install it.

    Thanks and regards.

  • Hello,

    First of all i would like to tell you that viruses, trojans, worms, spyware etc are all different when their objective is considered. So a single software cannot be used for all of them. So the best way is to get a total package. Some of the ones that you can get are;

  • Quick Heal Total Internet Security

  • AVG Total Security(get the latest version only

  • Kaspersky Total security
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  • Dear Satyavarapu,
    As you mentioned that your computer had already infected with virus so primarily you should install antivirus software's which are available in the market. Those which are available fee on the net are less effective. You may download if you wish them. Some best ones among them are,
    i.) Avast Antivirus,
    ii.) Norton Internet Security (for protection of threats for internet),
    iii.) AVG Antivirus Software,
    iv.) Kasper-Sky etc.,

    Now install it in your system, then scan whole of your computer. Some viruses like worm etc, are not removed so it is best that you back up your files and reboot the whole system. Then continue using it with first installing your antivirus.


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  • Viruses will not remove from your PC. First of all format your PC completely after that reinstall OS once again then install antivirus with a licensed version after scan your PC completely then restart your PC.

  • very simple....use anti virus to scan computer and remove virus infected files as much as possible. still if it not virus free then install the task manager application and remove virus manually using task manager instructions.

  • Hi,

    Initially check the type of virus which affects your system. Then you can decide on how to rectify this issue. Because there are different types of computer virus which will damage your system.

    1. Boot sector virus - This will damage the boot sector of your hard disk and hence you will find the fault in loading of operating system. This can be cleaned by booting your system with clean boot disk and then to re-write the booting files.

    2. Polymorphic Virus - This will encrypt the data on its own way and you can able to retrieve the data when you make a copy of that data to some other medium.

    3. Trojans or Trojan Horse - This is common virus now-a-days and will be affecting your files and folders irrespective of the protection you made on it.

    4. Worms - This is a kind of virus which will re-produce itself in multiple ways. You can find a file with the similar name and if you delete it, the same file will reproduce and from this you can identify this virus.

    Other common types of virus are:

    1. Time bomb virus
    2. File Infectors
    3. Macro Virus

      If you can't able to identify which virus has been affected in your system and its hard to rectify, then you can make a complete format of your system (Note: while formatting make complete format and not quick NTFS format) and re-install the operating system. Once you installed the operating system, immediately install the antivirus software, update teh latest antivirus definition file and then install all other software's. This will be recommended way of re-formatting your system.

      Recommended antivirus are:

      1. MacAfee
      2. Norton
      3. Avast
      4. AVG
      5. E-NOD 32
      6. Kaspersky – This will sometime slow down your performance of your system.

    Jagannathan S
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  • Hello,

    Update a new version of antivirus or free version antivirus and give a full scan to all your drives. If the virus is getting multiplied then the best way is to format your drives, but before that you have to store all the datas safely which you can relaod after formatting your computer along with scanning bt virus gaurd.



    Ranushree Caitali.

  • Hi,
    The most preferred solution for the problem stated by you is either go for the Latest Version of Antivirus software available. Try an updated virus database edition from the following.
    1. AVG
    2. Kaspersky
    3. K7
    4. Norton Internet Protection
    5. Avira Antivirus
    6. Avast
    These are but only the name seek out the latest version for best performance. For example AVG 2011 or Norton Internet Protection 2011 etc.
    Another option to rid your computer of viruses is to format the hard disk drive and installing a fresh copy of operating system. Also note that if you format only a particular drive i.e the system drive it will be infected again soon as you open files from the left intact drive.
    Whatever method you chose, install antivirus soon as OS installation process completes before installing any other software or drivers.

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  • Hi,

    If your computer is affected with full of viruses and it gives very often trouble, then you may save your related or exist document/files in pen drive or D drive.

    Next, try to flash or re-install the software or operating system along with yearly contract and genuine Anti-virus.

    There are many Anti-virus in the market and one of them you can select it to buy for at least 1 year for safety purpose. The above mentioned Anti-virus also recommended.

  • Hi,
    You can try some steps to get rid of the viruses:-
    1)Format your computer with either Windows 7 or Windows-XP.

    2)Then buy a good anti-virus CD available in the market and upgrade it to one or two years. Some good anti-virus are listed below:-

    • Norton
    • MacAfee
    • Avg
    • Avast
    • Kaspersky
    • Panda

    3)Run the anti-virus and restart the computer, then it's done.
    4)Now you are free from viruses and start to work on India Study Channel.
    Best of luck
    Vikas Srivastava
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  • Hi,

    Best way to remove virus is update your anti-virus regularly, I suggest you must try AVAST anti-virus. Other anti-virus that are very much effective against virus are:
    1> Kaspersky anti-virus
    2> MacAfee anti-virus
    3> Panda anti-virus
    4> Norton internet security

    Finally if your are not able to get rid of these virus and worms just insert operating system disk and format it simply.

  • just follow the steps given below that i recommend-
    1)Install original Operating System.
    2)Install best antivirus.I would suggest Microsoft essential which is free of cost.
    3)Update your antiviurs and operating system regularly.
    4)You should scan your computer daily.

  • In case your computer is completely effected with viruses, reinstall the operating system after backing up any very important virus uninfected files in a pen drive etc,. By doing so, your computer gets to the state in which it is when it is purchased i.e. all files will be deleted. So, virus is completely removed from your computer.

    If your computer is not highly effected with viruses, install any of the following anti virus software applications.
    Kaspersky Anti Virus
    Quick Heal Anti Virus
    Mcafee Anti Virus Plus
    Norton Security
    Avira Anti Virus Pro
    Panda Anti Virus Pro
    Also, make sure that you installed a genuine version of anti virus because non genuine anti viruses get infected by viruses and acts as a catalyst for viruses. After the above processes, scan your computer for viruses every week or ten days and make sure that your computer is virus free.

    Hope this answer helps.

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    The simplest but of course not the quickest solution is to re-install Windows or whatever OS you have on your computer. Process of my Term Paper Writing suffered a lot because of Trojan that was closing my word document all the time.

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  • If you want to remove your viruses from your computer then firstly you should make a backup of your data and then install windows. Remember, Viruses are present in your backup so scan your drive to remove viruses.

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