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    Requirements for Stock Market Job

    Respected Sir/ Madam,
    I Mr.Srikanth Reddy have recently completed My MBA with Specialisation of FINANCE. Now i'm working as Assistant Accountant in a Private Company. I've a strong desire to get a Stock Market Related job. Please suggest me regarding Requiremens for that...

    i look forward for your suggestions..

    Thanks & Regards

    Srikanth Reddy
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  • Hi,
    Since you are an MBA road to your dreams is not tough.Here is some information which will help you.

    TYPE of Jobs regarding Stock Market :

    1. Stockbroker-They are like middlemen/agent to buy and sell shares.
    2. Financial Advisors-They help and guide clients in finding outright share and making best investments.
    3. Trader-They buy/sell shares on behalf of financial institution or for themselves.To be a trader one should pass several securities exams and get licence to trade.
    4.Stock Analyst and researchers-They analyze companies' financial statements, the competitions and the overall economy and make buy, hold and sell recommendations to the institution's clients.
    5.Financial Planner and Portfolio Managers- They help clients in making investment decisions large sums of money to invest.


    1.Graduation is not necessary to be a stock broker but its good to be well educated.
    2.Training and certification in stock market operations are provided by National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) known as the National Stock Exchange's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM). They are conducted online. It provide all the compulsory certifications of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), IRDA, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), AMFI, Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association (FIMMDA) and the NSE itself.
    3. The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) also offers AMFI Mutual Fund Certification The AMFI Mutual Fund (Basic) Module is a general test and the second module is the AMFI Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module which is required by all fund distributors or intermediaries and Mutual Fund employees engaged in selling and marketing of mutual fund schemes.
    4. BSE Training Institute (BTI), The Stock Exchange, Mumbai also offers certification tests and training programs.

    You can get jobs in:
    - Brokerage firms
    - Banks
    - Primary Dealers
    - Investment banks
    - Credit rating agencies
    - Stock and commodity exchanges
    - Equity research firms
    - Stockbrokers may also be self-employed.

    Note: You can choose modules and training programs of NSE,BSE or AMFI according to your interest and role you want to adopt in stock market.

    All The Best.

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