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    Is it mentioned in the Bible that we can celebrate Christmas?

    Can we celebrate Christmas, Is it mentioned in the Bible?
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  • some christains dont believe to celebrate christmas. They celebrate New Year.

    However some christains celebrate christmas.

    It's not mentioned in the bible, christains must celebrate chtistmas.

  • No.It is not mentioned.But so many argue that if you do not celebrate, how do people know about jesus? Actually so many believe they have to be happy as saviour has born and ther is no mistake in celebrating.

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  • Hi,
    Bible never supports celebrating any type of festivals according to New Testament.

    But celebrating festival is not a bad tradition. Because it reminds the world the history at least once in a year.

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  • As Christians we must celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ. There is no reference to Christmas in the Bible, but there is reference to Jesus. And it is His birth that we celebrate.

  • The day on which Jesus Christ was born is not mentioned in the Holy Bible. But we can celebrate the Christmas. We are celebrate our birthday very happily. Then why don't we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the creator of the world. The calendar is also based on the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day, we explain about Jesus Christ to other people. This will give a chance to say others why Jesus Christ born in this world, How we can get the salvation and so on. So we can celebrate Christmas.

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  • though modern Christianity observes Christmas, it has nothing to with the religion. it's a pagan tradition meant for worshipping a pagan sun god. it does not even remotely have anything to do with Christ or his birthday. origin of the character Santa Claus can be traced back to Viking god Odin who it is said, used to leave gifts for kids when he went out hunting with his party. there are other references to saint Nicolaus who was a patron saint of Christianity during 1200's but no mention in the bible as to the significance of 25th December.

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