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    Which book to study for IIT JEE 2012

    My son is in 11th and preparing for IIT JEE 2012.He is confused about which book is better suited for IIT JEE preparation in physical chemistry- Arihant or O.P.Tandon. Can someone please help him to decide?
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  • The recommended reference books and guides that you will need for preparing for examinations of IIT JEE 2012 are as follows,

    1. Prepare from NCERT Text books of Class XI & XII
    2. Make use of VMC Institute's IIT-JEE Coaching books
    3. Books by S.L. Loney , HC Verma, DC Pandey,

    Do not confuse yourself by studying many types of answers for a single question.

    There are also many study materials that are available online , which will be an additional reference to your IIT JEE exam preparation.

    With Regards,
    Shyni Leela

  • For performing well in IIT-JEE you need to build your concepts very well and have strong basics. For this purpose the NCERT textbooks are the most suitable for this job. But for deeper understanding of a particular subject, which JEE does require, you need other books written by experienced writers. Some of them are:
    Physics-H.C. Verma
    Mathematics-R.D. Sharma

  • I have heard that arihant publishers have good books. But sir having prepared myself for two years,for various entrance exams I can safely conclude that iit-jee preparation cannot be based on a single book. Books are not the ideal source for jee;one needs guidance and expertise from coaching classes and their tutorial books are point specific. Atleast mtg magazines should be followed because they always update themselves. Hope I could help you. Best of luck for your son!


  • For giving iit-jee best coaching classes are AKASH institute.
    If you don't want to join any classes you can get AKASH institute books, refereeing those books can make your basics strong.
    some others authors books are:
    1.Physics-marvel or target,
    2.Chemistry-pradnay, and
    and arihant publishers are also good.
    For clearing theory doubt you can also register for the following site:
    this site contains full chapter wise description of all subjects.
    you will also get question papers with solutions on this site.

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