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    Career in Insurance

    What are courses in insurance after 10+2 ?
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  • Hi Sachin,

    Below are my some suggestion points.

    1.If you would like to work in insurance back office owkr then it would be fine.
    2. If you are thinking to become as a agent in insurance sector then it is not good, because you will have to get customers then only you will get your commission otherwise not.
    3. If you have very good contacts then you can go ahead for the insurance agency.

    4. but try to get permanent kind of job in other sector instead of insurance sector, now a days due to market volatility nobody belive in the investment so try to avoid this insurance sector.

    5. after completing your 12+ , get the admission for and then search job for banking sector.

    I think this may helps you.


  • For pursuing a career in the insurance sector, it would be advisable for you to have a strong background in the area of finance. Although there are no special courses related to insurance sector, but you can definitely gain some valuable experience by performing in the field. You can start by preparing for the examinations held for agents or other posts through which you can qualify to get a job in the insurance sector.

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