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    What is the difference between Laboratory assistant and laboratory attendant?

    What is the difference between Laboratory assistant and laboratory attendent ? Who is higher in post ? Is there any difference in their jobs ?
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  • Hi,

    Laboratory Assistant and Laboratory Attendants have separates duties and responsibilities in any scientific laboratories which are explained as below:

    Duties and responsibility of Laboratory Assistant:

    • Analysis of various samples assigned to him by his senior.
    • Maintenance of laboratory equipments and various chemicals in the laboratory.
    • Preparing and maintaining of records of analysis report.
    • Any other related works in the laboratory assigned to him.

    Duties and responsibilities of Laboratory Attendants:

    • To assist Laboratory Assistant in day to day work in laboratory.
    • Up keeping of laboratory equipments through regular cleaning and maintenance.
    • Any other work assigned to him by his superiors.

  • Hi,

    In addition to the responsibilities listed under the head of "Duties and responsibilities of Laboratory Assistant" mentioned by Mr. Datta, a Lab. Asst. should maintain a
    *issue register, in which the list of equipments issued to the students before performing the practical experiment on the concerned day.

    *Stock Register, in which the total equipment present in the concerned laboratory in alphabetical order or which ever way is convenient. It should also contain the information of the damage equipment, breakage list, etc.

    *Allotting batches for students present, appropriate to the number of equipment present.

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