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    My legs,knee are paining ,day by day at age 53

    My legs,knee are paining ,day by day at age 53 problems in getting up and couldn't stand on my feet for long time .
    What are ayurvedic ,allopathy treatmennt & diet i should follow as i'm obese toooo
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  • As growing old, many people suffering from arthritis. The joints starts paining and it is really restless and unbearable.

    Reasons :
    1. The excessive accumulation of lactic acid may be the one of the reason for knee joint pain.
    2. There may be the damage of ligament at the joints may be one more reason for joint pain.
    3. Wear and tear problem (old age problem)
    4. Obesity may be one of the problem for joint pain.

    1. Avoid food rich in lactic acid such as meat, oily fishes etc. Take more amount of vegetables.
    2. Do not sit a particular position for a longer period. This may lower the blood circulation to a particular part of our body.
    3. You can make certain medicines, particularly for ortho related problems under the guidance of a reputed physician.
    4. You can wear knee bandage for a short duration.
    5. Calcium rich food may be added like milk products and vegetables. Add more garlic in your food items.
    6. First you may try to reduce your weight. For this you can contact a homeopathy doctor and have the prescribed medicines. These medicines do not have side effects.

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  • Hi,
    After 50+ there can be so many reasons for the pain in legs & knees,like:
    1] Metabolic disorder,like Diabetes,hypertension etc.
    2] Degenerative disease,like arthritis/ a stage of osteoporosis
    As you said,that you are obese,then it may be because of over weight.
    Therefore,I feel that besides reducing weight/taking care of obesity,you must consult an orthopaedician,so that a complete diagnosis of the problem can be identified.
    Once the problem is diagnosed,then only you should opt for any therapy.The treatment in ayurveda,allopathy,unani & homeopathy is available.

  • Hi

    Our bones in our body are covered with some jells which makes free movements in our daily activities without pain.When we get aged,the jells are reduced by time because of unhealthy foods and fibre less diet.So you must first concentrate in your food and add more fibres and fruits.Try to walk slowly,don't rush anymore in any activities.At night time apply oil and massage softly so that your bones get some oils absorbed by your skin to make jells form again.After 10 to 15 minutes massage use warm water to wash that part.


  • At the age of 53 it is quite common to suffer pain in joints, legs and knees.

    The reason may differ from person to person. First thing what you should do it get a complete medical check up to rule out Osteoporosis ( softening of bone/ tissues), peripheral neuropathy due to diabetic. Check your blood and urine sugar periodically and alter the dosage of medicines as advised by the physicians.

    Mostly this problem occurs in women due to lack of calcium. Women after 30 +are also advised to take calcium tablets and food supplements containing minerals and calcium to regain and hold the strength of bones and muscles.

    You can take food supplements as advised by the physicians to balance the insufficient nutritional value of intake of food.

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