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  • Physics formula for volume

    Can you give me the formula to find the volume in physics
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  • Hi

    The formula to fine volume is volume = d^3=atomic weight/density x N

  • The formula to find volume is


    where 'v' is volume,'m' is mass and 'd' is density.

  • Hi
    Not only in Physics, In General
    Volume = Area of Cross Section * Height
    Volume = mass / Density

    For instance let us take the volume of cylinder. Its cross section will be circle. so
    Volume of cylinder = Area of circle * height of cylinder
    = Pi*r^2*h
    Volume of Cube = Area of Square * height of cube
    = a^2*a
    = a^3

  • Hi!
    In addition to above formulas,the formula for gases is

    Volume of a gas V=nRT/P

    n=number of moles
    R=gas constant
    P=pressure exerted by the gas

    The above formula is derived by combining Boyle's(pv=constant and Charle's(V/T=constant) laws retrospectively in theory. I mean those laws are derived from this equation practically.

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  • volume=space required to occupy
    mass= The matter contined in the body

    D= Density of the material which is a constant for a material
    unitof density=kg/m^3 and that of volumeism^3

  • Hi,
    the formula for volume in physics is given below

    V = M/d

    V = Volume
    M = Mass of the body
    d = density of the body

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  • Volume=m/d

  • Let 'd' represents the density of an object.
    'v' " " volume.
    and, 'm' " " mass.

    Then, d = m/v
    => v = m/d
    For example, if a body has density = 10Kg/meter cube
    and mass = 100Kg
    then, Volume = m/d = 100/10 = 10 meter cube Ans.

  • Hi,

    It is depending on volume of which material we want determine.

    If we have given a cube (the block with six faces of squre shape in that all sides of equal length)then, directly we can calculate

    Volume, V = (length of side)^3.

    If the rectangular block is there with un equal, length, breadth and height then

    Volume V = length x breadth x height

    If given material is sphere, if you are able find its diameter (d ), then radius r = d/2

    Volume, V = (4xpixr^3)/3

    If the material is cylinder of length 'l' and radius 'r'

    then, Volume V = pi x r^2 x l

    and so on,

    In case liquid and gases,

    Measuring mass and knowing the density of given material one can find the volume.

    therefore, Volume, V = Mass/density

    for exampel volume of 2kg of water whose density of 4200kg/m^3 is

    V = 2/4200 = (1/2100)m^3 =0.5x10^-3 m^3

  • hi

    formula for volume
    Volume = M/D

    M= mass of body

    D=density of the body


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