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    What are the health benefits of swimming?

    What are the health benefits of swimming?
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    Swimming is a good exercise and has many benefits, and few of them are swimming works on the muscles of the body, it helps with bone density, it works on the heart rate, and it takes off the stress of the body, it burns the calories too.

  • Hi Jayantha,

    Swimming is a better excercise when we compare with other excercises.

    1.Swimming improves our cardio vascular system and flexibilty.

    2.It increases our respiratory rate as a result blood flow from our heart to other parts of body get enhanced.

    3.A considerable weight loss can be attained through swimming.

    4.It reduces our tension.

    5.During swimming the probability of getting injury is very less.

    During Swimming in pools cover your head as it may result in hair loss.

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  • 1. Swimming is also type of sports it decreases your stress level
    2. It will keep you healthy both physically and mentally
    3. You will need extra calories in reflection you will be able to digest more, means it improves your digestion system
    4. If your are fat, you can loss your weight by burning your calories
    5. You will be mentally able to accept challenges and perform well in panic conditions

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