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    Heel pain

    From 8 manth i have feel heel pain (Back side)and swelling the back side of hill.Few days ago,I was consult with one Orthopedics doctor. he advice me taken ENZOCORT 6mg. Tab.for 6 day 3 nos per day,for 5 days 2 nos per day and for 3 days 1 no per dey. with this advice to taken FEBUSTATE 40gm tab. for 30 days .After taken that tab. I have feel very week.can i stop the Tab? and another physotherapy is usefull or not for heel pain ?
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  • This can be plantar fasciitis .In addition to pain killers, you may have to take antibiotics.

  • Dear Phule,
    You go to a physiotherapist in this regard.

    Stop taking pain killer because you will get immune to them and then you will have this pain forever.

    As one of the friend has suggested you about arthritis, this you can answer for yourdelf if you have pain in your finger joints and other joints of the body.

    Other thing is just recall if you ever got hurt on the portion in your back which is paining.

    Only regular exercise will reduce your pain.

    All the best. For other query feel free to ask.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

  • Dear member,
    Surely Physiotherapy helps you to reduce your pain and swelling.Heel pain may occur due to many reasons including Calcaneal spur,Plantar fascitis etc.Whatever it may be follow the below exercise to get complete pain relief.

    Exercises for heel pain:
    Before starting the exercise you can have CONTRAST BATH.
    Contrast bath can be given twice daily for 15 minutes before exercise.
    Procedure for Contrast Bath:
    Take 2 buckets fill each one with warm water and normal water respectively.Immerse your foot first with warm water for 3 minutes and then with normal water for 1 minute.Repeat the procedure for 15 minutes.
    1.Take a piece of cloth in rectangle shape.Place weight at one end of the cloth.Keep your foot on the other end, now pull the cloth with your toes moving all the joints in the toe.Do it for 15 times twice daily.
    2.Actively move your Ankle upward,downwards,inwards,outwards.This will increase the blood circulation thereby removing the noxious substances.
    3.Always wear MCR slipper while standing and walking.
    4.Don't wear high heels.
    5.Don't stand for prolonged period.
    6.Visit your nearby Physio for Ultrasound therapy.

    If you follow these advices and precautions then your heel pain will disappear.


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