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    Cricket world cup 2015

    Based on the current scenario, who will win in cricket world cup 2015?
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  • Hello Gopal,

    We cannot say for confirm who is going to win cricket world cup 2015. But we can predict some teams those have high possibility of winning world cup, they are; Sri Lanka, india, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia.

  • Hi,
    It will be so early to be predict the winner of world cup 2015 . the world cup 2015 will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand . So according to the conditions in both the countries the host Australia has more chances to win the world cup 2015 .

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

  • Hi,

    The world cup 2015 is hosted by Australia and NZ. So, according the pitch conditions, there is great chance for England and NZ to win that world cup. The Asian countries are not performing well in foreign pitches and the chances for these countries are very less. Also, it depends upon the efficiency of the players too. So, depends upon the team selected for the world cup, the results may very.

    Jagannathan S
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  • Hi friend,
    Cricket is game of uncertainty, So we can't predict that Who will win ICC World Cup 2015.
    Also It's Long span of 4 year. In this span so many Good exiting player may take retirements.
    Also new good players may arrive. So It is so tough to Judge. But if we will judge on the grounds of location, As we know 2015 World cup is in
    Aus-New Zeeland. So better chances for Australians Or NZ.

  • We cannot predict that who will win world cup 2015. but we can expect some countries. 1.India 2. Pakisthan 3. sri lanka 4.Australia. let us wish India to maintain this for the next time also.

  • In my knowledge,

    The 2015 cricket world cup will be the eleventh cricket world cup, and will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zeland.
    The location of the games will be evenly split, with the location of the final yet to be decided.
    The hosting rights were awarded at the same time as those of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, which New Zealand and Australia had originally bidded to host, and the 2019 Cricket World Cup. That tournament was awarded to four Asian Test cricket playing countries India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in a 10 to 3 vote. The International Cricket Council were sufficiently impressed with the trans-Tasman bid that it was decided to award the next world cup to them.

  • Hi Mr. Gopal,

    Sir, it is tough to predict who will win the World Cup 2015 but I am damn hard Indian cricket team fan, I would really like that my team (India) again uphold the World Cup in the year 2015.

    I want to relish and celebrate the moment when Indian team will repeat the winning streak in the year 2015.

  • We cannot say who will win but some countries in the race are
    Sri Lanka
    South Africa
    We should not have very great expectation from Indian Team. Surely, everyone tries their best. If we do like this, there will be a peer pressure on Indian Team.
    But, yes, I would wish India all the best for the next world cup.

    The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the eleventh Cricket World Cup, and will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

  • The eleventh world cup in 2015 is hosted by Australia and new Zealand. According to the conditions of the pitches in both of the countries is good for pace bowlers. These pitches gives good bounce for pace bowlers and don't give too much advantages for spinners like in Asian countries.
    So it's a great chance for Aussie's,England,new Zealand and south Africa. But don't under estimate the teams like India,Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They have good players and they have the capability.
    I am a big fan of Indian cricket team. And Indians have a great team now. They have good players and a very good reserve bunch wish you very good luck for the Indian cricket team for the 2015 world cup...

  • Hi Friend,
    2015 is hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand.
    We all know that Australian and New Zealand pitches are very fast and bouncy pitches therefore subcontinent teams will find more difficulty. Subcontinent teams has a very small choice. But Australia, England teams has the maximum choice. As a fan of India I am very interested in India team chances also. Indian team will also has a very good choice also. If the bowlers play well.

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