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    Which is the best and safe weight gaining supplement ?


    I am 21 years old. My height is 5.9" and weight is 50kg. I want to gain my weight nearly 60 to 65kg. So, which is the best and safe weight gaining protein supplement available in India?
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  • Hi,
    I think you are the correct weight for your age. But thin for your height and gaining a little more will be better.
    My mother says that thanni soor(rice). Made with rice soaked overnight makes you fat.
    I have heard that men and women put on after marriage.

    So all the best.

  • Supplements may give negative results or side effects.
    Have proper living habits with respect to areas such as eating, rest & sleep, exercise, leisure, etc.
    Do these habits comply with the so-called 'healthy habits'? If not, first make them all so.
    If you have a well-balanced diet, your problem could be with sleep and exercise.
    They say if you sleep a lot less than normal, you put on weight. But thats an unhealthy way to put on weight.
    1. Sleep 7 hours.
    2. Exercise: Simple and mild exercises.
    3. Meditation: A must for a healthy life.
    4. Water: You must dring plenty of water.
    5. Medical checkup: Have a general physician examin you to ensure that you have got no problem to absorb nutrients.
    6. Heredity: Ask you parents and grandparents about their body weight. May they put on weight after 25...
    7. Ask an Ayurvedic Doctor: They can give you certain mediinal ghee that help put on weight. They can also say whether the nutrients are correctly absorbed or not.
    8. Eating habits: If you've got no medical problems related to this, your family was not like 'boost of weight after some age' and you have a balanced diet, consider this:
    i) If you reduce the quantity of food in the morning, you will automatically increase the quantity of food in the other meals.
    But don't reduce it to make you hungry even afer breakfast.
    ii) Rice: This is rich in carbohydrates. It helps put on weight.
    iii) Iron-rich foods: Essential to ensure maximum absorbtion of nutrients. Without this, the nutrients are just wasted. Take more of red meat (beaf, many big fish, etc), bitter guard.
    iv) Sweets: Have more sweets in the evening. They are rich in starch which naturally help gain weight.
    v) Chocolates: Have more chocolates. WoW! Sounds great. But yes, they help you gain weight.
    vi) Chyavanaprasham: This ayurvedic Lehya is rich in essential nutrients-vitamines, iron, many other minerals, etc. Have a teaspoon of his lehya just before a glass of milk 2 hours before bed.
    vii) BONUS Preparation 1:
    - Prepare Black Tea in the morning
    - Mix 1 Table Spoon Ghee to it
    - Drink it in an empty stomach in the morning
    viii) BONUS Preparation 2:
    - Take 1 Tale Spoon Butter
    - Mix Appropriate amount of sugar in it
    ix) Drink milk, butter, cheese, curd, yogurt. They are rich in fat.
    - Eat it. (Need not be in the morning)

  • Eat one boiled potato, raw carrot, apple juice and one glass of milk. Consume this regularly your weight will improve.

    Take a nap of 15 minutes after lunch in the afternoons.

  • There are many best and safe weight gainer supplements available in India. I have tried Bigone Nutrition which is best brand so far. This is my trusted brand. Apart from that you should take good diet which should include 500 daily calorie , good amount of protein, carb and fat rich food.

  • Ask your mother to do the multi-grain health drink.
    Rice -100gm
    Ragi-150 gm
    Roasted gram- 100 gm
    Soya beans-150 gm
    Corn- 150 gm
    Ground nut -50gm
    Green gram- 100 gm
    Cashew- 20 gm
    Almond -20 gm
    Cardamom - 6

    Fry all items separately and mix it . Give at least half an hour to let it be cool. Then fill it in the air tight container. Make this as a porridge or just as a health drink. Grains which are rich in protein and you easily gain weight.

    In the night time you just take 10 - 15 chick peas( channa) especially black and soaked in a water and eat this in the early morning and can do some exercises. By doing this you can enhance the muscle formation. Chew it slowly with saliva is more important.

    You just boiled the water with cumin seed after 2 hours you can drink this. By doing this you can cool your body.

    You can take vegetable soups, salads. For your evening snack it should sprouted pulses like green gram, chick peas, peas or groundnut. Also like groundnut burfi, sesame burfi.

    Take curd daily. Drink 2 cup of milk daily.

    Take small lemon sized butter and eat in the early morning. Slightly the smell is different and especially in the empty stomach. If it is possible and OK
    ( for taste) to you, take regularly for 45 days. You just put on weight in a healthy way.

  • Try mass gainer supplements by Muscle Blaze or ON (optimum nutrition). Muscle blaze is very cheaper when compared to ON mass gainers. The supplements provide you extra energy required for your body and provide a full spectrum of nutrients. The mass gainer has a high proportion of carbohydrates which will a lot of energy boost. It is mandatory to exercise rigorously while taking the supplements, otherwise, lumps of fat will start to form under the skin. Also, make sure the body is hydrated so that stomach will be able to break the constituents and absorb it. Also, consult your physician or sports doctor before taking any food supplements.

  • --> ***Only one important thing is enough to gain weight, that is eat food whatever you like upto full of the stomach and sleep well. I have given other points also...

    --> To gain wait eat more boiled pulses and grains, such as chick pea, bengal gram, cow pea, red cow peas, horse gram, etc. Eat a lot of boiled grains as twice a day (morning and evening). This is the effective way of getting weight.

    --> One should not drink coffee or tea, because if you drink coffee you will not feel hungry for so a long time. If you feel hungry only you can eat more.

    --> When you feel that your stomach is full means also, you can have some juices or snacks or ice cream or chocolates whatever you like. Chocolates like dairy milk also will help to gain weight.

    --> Drink half littre or milk everyday, so that your bones will get strong.

    --> After finishing your lunch with stomach full take a small sleep for 2 hours. Then after finishing your dinner with stomach full sleep well for 7 hours.

    --> Intake of meat, chicken, egg (non-veg) also helps to increase your weight.

    --> Drink lassi, badam milk, yogurt, etc. These are full of fat so it will help in increasing weight.

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