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    What is the treatment and suggestion of acrominon spondilytis condition?

    Hello sir,

    My elder brother is suffering from acrominon spondalitis condition since last eight month and he fills severe pain during the movement of his left arm. As per the doctor there is gap between shoulder joint and the muscle is streched out due to high weight bearing. so, is this condition is curable and what will be your advised?
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  • The spondylitis is the inflammable condition.The disease most frequently begins between ages 20 and 40, but may begin before age 10. It affects more males than females. Risk factors include a family history of spondylitis and male gender.

    Symptoms of Acrominon Spondylitis

    The disease starts with shoulder pain that comes and goes and is worse at night, in the morning, or after inactivity. Pain may go away by bending over. You may not be able to fully expand your chest because of the involvement of the joints between the ribs.

    Specific symptoms include:

    Fatigue, Joint pain and joint swelling in the shoulder, Limited expansion of the chest,Loss of appetite, Slight fever.

    Treatment of Acrominon Sponylitis as per remedy of orthopedic surgeon.

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