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    Patient suffering with spondylolisthesis

    My mother had an operation for spinal cord 12 years ago.She is now suffering with pain in legs and part where operation had done.Can you please say which treatment is best homeopathy or allopathy?Here are the details of patient
    age:49 years
    weight:68 kgs

    Recently scanning report of my mother is as follows
    (1)post operative status.There is a mild spondylolistthesis of L4 over L5 vertebra.
    (2)L5-S1 disc shows bulge with Rt paracentral inferior extrusion,osteophytes and degenerated facets causing impingement on theca,encroachment of nueral foramena and Rt S1 lateral recess.
    (3)L3-4,4-5 discs show bulge with osteophytes and degenerated facets causing encroachment of nueral foramena and stenosis of spinal canal at L3-4 level.
    (4)No abnormal signal is seen in theca or spinal cord.
    (5)pre and paravertebral soft tissues are normal.
    please suggest me to cure my mother condition.
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  • Preventing the further degeneration of bones is the only remedy as it helps to control the pain,vertigo(chakkar)etc., The suggestive is Homeopathic treatment. Also external ayurvedic treatment like panchakarma is giving some remedy in tolerating the pain etc., Allopathic treatment in such case is feared with some side effects.

  • Dear friend, Spondylolesthesis is the slippage of one vertebrae over the other. Body, pedicles and superior articular surfaces slip over leaving the posterior elements. It mostly causes L5 compression. Most of the instances it may be asymptomatic. In severe cases it may cause 'Cauda equina syndrome'.

    You didnot mention what surgery she had undergone and for what? Now if the stenosis, nerve injury and osteophytes are significant she has to be reoperated. As her age is just 49 not too old to be re-operated and she can have a long life. The only cure is by surgery. Homeopathy is not helpful. Physiotherapy may be helpful. Laminectomy, releasing of posterior elements may be the option. If the symptoms are not severe conservative treatment with Neugaba etc and epidural anaesthesia may be helpful.

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  • Dear member,
    Physiotherapy plays a major role in treating spondylolisthesis.
    Your physiotherapist will give treatment like Pelvic Traction,(SWD)Shortwave Diathermy or (IFT)Interferential Therapy.
    He may also teach your mother some back exercises.
    Hence consult your nearby physiotherapist and get his opinion.
    Home remedies and precautions:
  • Don't bend your back often

  • Sit with back supported chair

  • Don't drive two wheelers

  • for home exercises visit this pageback exercise in home

  • You may also have hot water fomentation.

  • Do not lift heavy weight.

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