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    How can the back pain in youngsters be treated?

    My brother and me both have back pain and I have many friends suffering from severe back pain.Now a days I have seen many peoples and commonly the adults from age group 18 to 28 are also suffering from back pain.The problem is that pains are supressed by taking pain killers and this for some time,but not for permanent.After few days it again arises.What are the steps must be followed to low the pains and is there any way so that the problem can be solved?
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  • Well, honestly I feel very low that nowadays youngsters are also having problems like these, I would suggest you to do "Ardhachakrasan" daily in order to get rid of your back pain. It takes hardly two minutes to do this type of yoga, but it is very effective, by practising this, you will never have back problems, regards.


  • Defenitely and it should be! The treatment of such problem in youngsters level means it is highly advisable one as comparing to the same in case of elders above 45 may lead to other problems. Proper medicines,simple physiotherapic exercises can cure well in this age and present treatment is highly helpful to your brother in old age too. It is suggested to have ayurvedic treatment which is better for this type of problmes comparing to any other.

  • Hi,
    Backpain problems with youngsters is increasing day by day. Even I do have friends suffering with this kind of problem. Main reasons from my side for this type of problem is:-
    1. Lack of proper rest.
    2. Taking rest in very fluffy beds and not in plain surface.
    3. Excessive use of computers by sitting in one positions for hours.
    4. Studying in a slant position with the help of a wall or a pillow.
    5. Excessive sleep for a day.
    6. Going for long drives in cars/bykes.

    These are the main reasons for such backpain problems. The main steps we can take to avoid such problem can be:-
    1. Take proper rest in proper plain surfaces or in beds which are not so fluffy.
    2. Avoid using computers continuously for hours but if necessary then take small brakes in between.
    3. Always study properly in a study table.
    4. Do not sleep unecessarily. It is a major cause for backpain.
    5. Avoid long drives. Instead of it prefer a long walk daily.
    I believe these steps will definitely help the youths with the increasing backpain problems. Along with these, one can prefer yoga and other important excercises half an hour daily.


    Rock until you die

  • The best advise that I would give you is to take an appotntment from a physiotherapist and start your physio sessions as soon as possible. Neglect and carelessness can aggravate the condition. Undiscriminated use of painkillers can decrease your pain threshold and also cause severe long term side effects.Proper sleep in a firm bed, proper diet, proper sitting and standing posture can help to reduce back pain trigger.

  • Hi,

    Back pain can be avoided by the practices as below;

    Try to sleep on the mat with cloth instead of sleeping on bed with cotton mattres or other cushion mattres etc.

    Try to avoid riding byke which has small wheels or not perfected shock absorbs for both the type of wheels, avoid car drive for long route.

    Try to walk daily as much as you can till you get tired a bit.

    Highly recommended swimmings.

    Try to avoid spicy and acidity items.

    Daily practice push up excercise.

    Try to drink lemon juice (boiled and cooled) once in three days.

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