Knee ligament surgery

sir..i want to say that i fell by my bike 5 years back..i was ok that time...but as with the passing of time..i felt some unstability in my knee..i went to doctor..he suggested me m.r.i. scan and i did that... m.r.i. reports showed mm complete tear of acl and medial meniscus...i was operated by a doctor mr. ashish devgan in pandit b.d. sharma medical govt. hospital rohtak 10 months i whenever i sit there is always a clicking sound in my knee...tell me is there any problem???? after doing work for 1 or 2 hours and after that when i stand up and straighten my leg i feel some pain for a while....dr. plz tell me the solution..and one more thing there are 3 titanium screws in my knee...can the screws create any problem in my knee after some years...and plz tell me the best doctor for knee surgery in INDIA???? and what is your opinion about the dr. ANDREW which belongs to durban(south africa)