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    Joints pain of knees with or without swelling.

    I want to know the cause and the remedy of old age knee joints pain. Sometimes the pain is quite severe and followed by swelling on the related area. walking, sitting and standing becomes very troublesome. please suggest the appropriate remady or the guidelines on prevention.
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  • Old people often suffer from joint pains because of arthritis.
    Generally if strikes first in the outer joints like wrists, carpals, fingers on both sides or joints with a history of injury.
    If hand or wrist joints not involved, diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is doubtful.
    Load bearing joints like knee joints are also susceptible.
    Most people with knee pain also have pain at other sites also causing limited physical function, which can lead to depression and anxiety.
    Joint pains can also be due to endocrine failure, deteriorated thyroid function or due to calcium or mineral deposit formed in an area that was repeatedly injured in the past.
    Deterioration of bone once starts it is difficult to stop.
    It can be accompanied with swelling, skin irritation, loss of mobility, movement impairment, can also cripple the joints.
    Treatment involves,
    Natural stimulation of the joint cartilage, for which mineral supplementation somewhat helps.
    Aroma therapy, homeopathy,
    Using medicated sesame oil, which will give warmth, loosen stiff joints, clear toxins, nourishes tissues, relieves pain etc.
    Body weight should be maintained, have to take lots of water, extra salads, decrease intake of fatty and starchy food.
    People suffering from arthritis should not wear high heals.
    In severe cases, removing synovial membrane or clearing the joint through arthroscopy can be done.
    If not getting cured can go for joint replacement

  • Joint pains occur mostly in old age period due to lack of lubricating fluid between the joints resulting in friction in the bone-joints that ultimately leads to inflamation-swelling and redness in the joint area finally leading to dragging pain.

    This pathology can be treated with proper medication at an early stage or one may have to go for joint-replacement or some other surgery depending upon the problem for permanent relief.

    Proper diet and weight control may be helpful.Fitness counts and there should be proper intake of vitamin and calcium supplements after consutation with a doctor.

    Morning walk and joint exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist is compulsary.

    Joint pain in the fingers can be controlled by knitting ! I saw my aunt suffering with pain.She cried but continued to knit and today she has no joint pain in her fingers.

    If artheritis is suspected one should go for Rheumatoid Factor test called R.A factor test for confirmation and treatment thereby.

  • Joint pain in old age may be due to many reasons including rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to gram positive bacteria called streptococcus. The chances of rheumatoid arthritis are more following sore throat infections. Anti streptolysin O or A.S.O titre is used for the diagnosis of this. If A.S.O titre is greater than 200 then it's a positive test for rheumatoid arthritis. The other cause may be gout which occurs due to deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints. Serum uric acid level should be estimated for its confirmation. Hyperparathyroidism and osteoporosis may also be responsible for pain in joints. After the proper diagnosis is made, an orthopaedician may start treatment.

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