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    Which would be better? - Regular MBA or MBA through distant education mode

    Confused to know how to go about doing MBA after completion of B Tech. Here are the views of our experts.

    I am final year EEE B Tech student. I want to do MBA. But I am confusing between regular and distance MBA as I am hearing that the certificate of MBA is only needed for promotion propose so why to go for regular MBA.If I get the good guidance from a resource person I will be grateful.
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  • Regular MBA has more value than distance MBA. Most of the big companies do not even consider much for a distance MBA.
    After if you have already got a good job and you are happy with that, then you may opt for part time MBA. Actually you can even choose any other masters degree as masters degree will be beneficial for a good salary package and promotion.
    If you want to switch to management, then you opt for full time MBA from a good college.

    You may even go for a full time MBA after 2 years if you decide to take up a job now. You will get time to decide on MBA during that time, and get some experience as well.


  • Its fact that regular course is more valuable than distance MBA.

    At the time of placement, not only the marks obtained is essential, also the mode of degree, obtained is required.

    If you are looking for doing the MBA via distance mode, choose the best distance education institute in India whose degree has good value. Also look for institute which provides placement assistance.

  • If you are to continue your education after B.Tech then regular MBA is the right choice. Regular MBA program trains you to practically with managerial aspects of the job you are about to pursue after your degree. There is difference in role and pay if you join as B.Tech pass out and MBA pass out.
    If you are to work in a job and take up MBA simultaneously distance MBA would be the right choice. There are many good universities that provide the program. ICFAI, Bangalore Univ, Nalanda, Symbiosis, Annamalai Universities are few of the universities that provide the distance education program for MBA. I am not sure how well distance course MBA would be considered to improve your work profile in your company unless the program is sponsored by your company itself. I am sure the degree would be considered, but not sure how well when compared to regular degree.
    However regular MBA in well recognized universities like IIM, BITS, XLRI, NITIE are taken up by many passouts as well as experienced candidates. Experience is also encouraged and considered as one of the eligibility criteria in these eminent universities. If one completes the MBA program from these universities they are sure to get placed. One needs good CAT score to get into these universities.

    with regards

  • Hi,
    Regular MBA will be a good choice as per your qualification it totally different from distance MBA. regular MBA will only helpful to you to get good job if you really wants MBA should help you in your carrier .Distance MBA is also opt able for those who have not time to go collage and those who are working entrepreneurs but this will helpful for their carrier if they done from any famous university only . Regular MBA is more preferable than distance MBA. Certificate of MBA can not useful for promotion as it is only post graduation course it will useful to get good post in the company .

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  • hello,
    Distance MBA will not lead to any professional placement and thus if you want to shift to management if would be difficult for you .A regular MBA from reputed B-schools would be more beneficial as it provides placement and has much greater value than distance MBA.A part time MBA also wont lead to any placement but it is better than distance MBA since you gain some classroom knowledge and contacts which is way better than distance MBA.But remember this also wont lead to placement.

  • Definitely Regular MBA is better than Distance MBA. But if you are working and don't want to quit your job, you can join a Distance MBA in a reputed institute.


  • For employers who does not have time to do regular MBA. If you want to get promotion in your job then distance MBA is enough. But, now if you are an unemployed person it is better for you go to regular MBA. Only through regular MBA you can get more and more business skills in business schools which provide good career for your future. To know information about M.B.A see my article M.B.A. programmes in India

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  • First thing you need to understand a difference between regular and distant education. If you are a full-time working professional it is good to go for distant education. But on the contrast if you are not then more importance will be give to a regular MBA.

  • Doing MBA from regular and distant education gives the degree of MBA.But it does not mean that you have obtain good skills for a managment proffessionals.Its all depends upon the environment from one can get the MBA course.e.g. those who pass out from IIM have more demand then the other college.
    I think distance education is the way where only employees may attempt to do MBA course.

  • Always go for a regular MBA. Because doing a regular MBA is more accepted and worth than doing a distance or correspondence MBA. Also many companies will have priority for Regular MBA than distance MBA.
    Also MBA master in business administration is something where you need to like a professional where you need to develop your professional skills and capability to manage all business things. Al this you can learn only by talking and knowing from other people. But in distance education these things you will not get exposed such a business professional and managing effect. So it is always advised to do a regular MBA than a distance MBA.

    Thank you,

  • Hi,

    MBA is not just a certificate course. It is a professional Degree. So regular MBA has more value than distance course. As somebody feels that just certificate from any university will speak for their promotion. May be it happens in some companies. But if you want to do a professional course, better go for a regular MBA with good university.

    There are some people who do BBA,, and they can do distance MBA for their job. Since you completed Engineering course, regular MBA will be a better choice. Most of the time, our age may restrict doing regular course. Once we crossed around the age 28, then we feel to do distance course as only option. So without going that option, this is the right time to do regular course. Go for that and make your future more bright.

  • If you want to do MBA for getting promotion in your job, the best option would be to continue with your job for 5 years and then apply for executive MBA from reputed institutes like IIMs or SP Jain. The executive MBA is a 1 (or 1.5 years) full-time MBA and this would help you to get immediate promotion after 5 years of work experience. It is always advisable to go for a full-time MBA rather than part-time one.

    Kindly note that MBA done with very little work experience won't help in the cause for promotion, since management opportunities open up in most companies at senior level only. so, it is better to gain real-life work experience and use that during your full-time executive MBA course. This will help in moulding your personality and also in getting good perks and opportunities in your next company after MBA. In full-time executive MBA course, you will come across and compete with experienced people from variety of fields and this would enhance your knowledge beyond limits.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Dear Friend
    There is a huge difference when it comes to regular course and Distance learning course.Since MBA is an important degree and if you will ask any where where you will want to apply for the job based on the MBA degree, you will see that they will give more stress to the regular one.

    As far the conditions are concerned let me tell you:

    1.Prefer the regular course and do get into a good reputation holding institution to get your degree as they will provide you with ample of opportunity to get a good salary package.

    2.There is no problem once you get a good score in the examinations to get into, with a very good percentile that you will be getting education loan very easily.

    3.But if you are already into a good paying job after your graduation degree and you just want to earn for some years without getting the edge in the qualification, then in order to increase your promotion chances as well to improve your profile, you may go for some good distance learning MBA.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

  • Regular MBA is far better than distance education.
    You could go for distance education program if you are sure that you could get promoted to next cadre by getting an MBA degree.
    Regular MBA would provide you the environment to become a refined person.

  • Surely go for regular MBA,as it has most of the values when comes to job or promotion while part time or distant MBA hasn't got identification even in most of the high profile companies if you are looking for a well packaged job.A regular MBA with some years of experience in job will not only increase your height in organisation but also you will be able to attract most of high profile companies with best packages.

  • Regular MBA has more value than Distance MBA. But Both MBA's have their own pros and cons. In a regular MBA you have to learn more exposure and practical skills as compared to distance MBA. People who want only a degree consider joining distance MBA.

    There are two cases:
    If you are working somewhere already and you are happy with your job, than you should join a distance MBA. Because In this case, The Master degree is important as master degree provide you more value, salary increment and promotion in a reputed company.

    But if you are a fresher or you want to move to the management field than you should choose regular MBA. It is a better option for making career opportunities in a Management field.

    When you are a fresher and want to join a master degree than you should choose regular MBA. Because, at the time of placement along with the essential marks obtained, mode of degree is also essential.

    Now, its your choice which MBA is suitable according to your profile and your requirement. Choose the best one option as the market value and your conditions.

    Good luck.

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  • A regular MBA is a good option for those who can spare time away from their careers and attend day classes because it is much easier to learn in a classroom. However, ITM University tries to bring this classroom experience even in its online courses and give its distance education students the same facilities.

  • Both are pretty much the same when it comes to course content. However, with a distance education MBA, you have the freedom to study in your free time and there are no restricted class timings. You can check out online courses that ITM University offers at

  • There is huge difference between regular degree and the degree we obtained through distance mode as far as professional degrees are concerned. When we are pursuing regular degree we get chance to interact with professional faculty daily, we can clear our doubts. There are many training workshops organized in the campus. Group discussions were held where we can clear our doubts in front of experienced faculties. We get the chance to visit many top organizations where we get the chance to see the processes of the organization. Many institutes provide you the campus placements in top MNC's.

    In Distance mode, they provide us the visual support and fifteen day classes with the options.
    MBA is a professional degree and helps people in their career growth. Many tools and techniques are added in the course, many processes followed throughout the world are discussed in detail. MBA provide the tool to handle and to re-engineer the processes followed in the organization. Time and Motion study, Six Sigma,TQM, TPM, KAIZEN, MUDA etc are many helping tools which we can use during our journey in the corporate sector. Only possessing a degree and having no knowledge of the techniques will only create harassment in the organization.

  • Please do note that most organizations in India, including the MNCs, do not give any importance to the distance education MBA degree. Today, there are some thirty Universities offering the MBA through correspondence, and even those offered by prestigious institutes like the Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune, are still not recognized for promotion or for any other recognition at all.

    So, kindly go for the regular MBA, even if it is from a fairly ordinary college. Make sure that the college is recognized both by the UGC and by the AICTE. The University should also not be a new University, as in that case, the Corporate Sector is likely to not recognize that degree as well.

    Never treat the MBA degree as an ultimate destination for your career. It should always be a journey, and not a destination.

    In other words, you should gain professional knowledge and skills that go far beyond the MBA syllabus. You would do well to understand the wider context under which the events have taken place. You need to collect data, to connect the various dots.

    For example, take the example of the recent fraud reported very widely, in the Punjab National Bank. Please go to the genesis of the problem, understand everything about the borrower, and how the company succeeded in doing the fraud. You should understand all this and have your own case study, even if you specialize in say, Marketing and HR.

    This is mainly because, you can never be a frog in a well. You need to understand that the Corporate houses are nimble footed and very flexible, They need experts who know everything.

    Apart from this, once you have decided your two specializations, you need to understand every single development related to that filed. For example, take advertising, which is one of the most important things in Marketing. You need to understand every single successful brand promotion strategy of a superb company like Asian Paints. You also need to understand what went wrong with brands that fade away after a while.

    For specific examples of small, but highly successful competitors, you need to understand the different strategies adopted to withstand multi-national competition. For example, Cavinkare from Chennai, was and is, a huge success. You should understand every single detail of how it got there. You can even get information from retailers who stock the products, how the customers rate the products and so on.

    Remember, you need to also understand what it takes to succeed, You will additional qualifications in SAP, Tally, Diploma in Training and Development, Advanced training in Capital Markets, specialized courses from the Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences (ISABS) and so on. If you specialize in HR, you need to also have a degree in Law, and a deep understanding of labor laws and their application and also be very cunning to understand where you can add value to Management interests ( which is exactly what is expected of you by the employers).

    The MBA degree is only a base, After the MBA, you need hard core experience in any area of your expertise, depending on your specialization in MBA. All the very best.

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