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    Back problem from 7 years

    Sir I am a 21 years old engineering student.
    I do a lot of study on the bed. I feel back pain quite often. I also feel suffocation due to the back pain. My posture is little bit bend. I want to improve my posture through excersise but unable to do so. Sir please guide me for it.
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  • Please contact a doctor first and get diagnosed. Treatments can be done only in the way of Ayurveda or Homeopathic. It is highly recommended that you can get the treatment in any of SDM Ayurveda hospitals found in Karnataka state - wherein a fantastic treatment with less cost and more care is available through efficient doctors. you see the attached one for further informations.


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  • Hi,

    If you have back pain then kindly try to sleep on the floor mat using cotton cloth and do not sleep on the cushion bed even if it is expesive one or it is luxury one, also, try to avoid riding small wheels two wheelers and you can ride bike (for male) which has big wheels. Try to avoid reading / studying while you are in bed, try to sit and read / study.

  • Lying down on the floor each day is a simple and effective back exercise, but rather than work your back, it gives it a much-needed rest. We lose up to an inch in height every day as our spine compresses under gravity.

    Lying down on the floor lets your spine recover. You'll feel calmer and more energetic, and if you suffer from back pain, you may get some relief.

  • Consult a Doctor for Orthopaedic or Rheomatologist Consultant and ask him what is the Problem. Dont ignore it. Dont try any stressful exercise. It may harm you.

  • You are having back pain because of abnormal postural mechanics, muscle tightness and abnormal adoptations of soft tissue strutctres which keeps your spine straight. I advice you to please visit any physiotherapist who is specialist in ortho or sports medicine, he will assess your posture in various work environment and prescribe the exercise.
    You have not mentioned whether your pain is radiating to legs or not. If it is radiating then it may be because of nerve impingenent in spine. If it is not then purely it is postural back pain.

    Awaiting for replies.

  • You must not take this problem so lightly and you should give breaks in between your study.It is a common but complex problem now days, i have seen some good physiotherapist suggesting some exercises which one can do even in daily routine also.
    You must consult a good doctor and then if he suggests you some exercises then do them regularly.
    I must tel as per my experience that all my studies went in vain when I was not able to apply them due to my injury.So better take precaution.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

  • Hi,
    backache mainly occurs due to fault posture. You told that you do most of your study on bed, why is it because of backache or it is your habit? If you are doing it by habit it may lead to backache because some beds will not support the back properly.

    And you told that your posture is little bend, if it is more, called as khyphosis that should be rectified by consultation with orthopedician.Sometimes decreased bone mass or defects it vertebral column will also lead to such problem.But as you are young these problems are rare.
    Whenever you read or sit somewhere your back should be properly supported which will decrease most of the problem.If problem is severe better to take orthopedician consultation.

  • The main problem is that you do your studies on bed, which is really not good for your back. It is better that you sit in a proper chair with a proper posture, so that it will help you reduce your pain.

    Next thing you can do is trying only simple yoga, not hard one that may cause you more problems.

    Veena Sharma.

  • To permanently eliminate the back pain, I would advise the following tips:-
    1. Never study with a sleeping or a bent sitting posture. Always sit for study or reading in an erect posture. Best thing to do would be to sit on a straight study table chair.

    2. Join yoga classes as soon as possible and you would see the results in 6 months time. It is the best way to eliminate any back pain issues forever and not just cure them temporarily.

    3. Do not use any pillows to sleep on your bed. Also, if possible, try to get a new mattress made specifically for people with back pain.

    4. Get a proper check-up done with a doctor to ensure it is not a serious issue, but do not resort to any pain killers.

    5. Do not sit continuously while studying. Try to walk around with the book in your hand every 30 minutes to get your back some exercise. Also, try some stretching once in a while.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • First of all consult to doctor. You did not tell any reason for this back pain. Is is due to any accident or come naturally. If it is because of any accident be sure and go to an expert and make your all test he suggest like x-ray, C.T. Scan, MRI.

    But if the pain naturally you need not to worry much. Here I am telling you some postures which will make you relief and you will be able to sit for more time.

    1. Always have support to your spine, straight your spine you can use pillow behind your spine for support.
    2. Do makrasan for 5 times a day.
    3. Take rest when you start feeling stress.
    4. Go for morning walk daily atleast for a mile.
    5. Take some warm water before you sit on chair.
    6. Still you are feeling pain dont forget to consult with a good physian.

    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

  • Hi,

    If you feel Back pain while reading on the bed, you change your style by changing your position or sitting on the chair you can read. Sitting for prolong time also lead to back pain.

    first consult doctor, change your position while sitting.

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