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    Cure of teared ACL other than surgery

    Hellow Doctors

    I used to play soccer earlier and at that time there are sudden locking and unlocking of my knee about 8 times in a span of three years. I had taken rest, done excercises but nothing happen well. Now my seniors told me that my ACL is tear. I went to a physiotherapist she told me that my quadriceps muscles are weak. But now i feel that my seniors are right. There is now very minute pain around my knees. I dont want to go for surgery and also i dont want to play further. I dont for any MRI.

    How can i avoid surgery? Is it neccessary to go for a surgery? Can physiotherapists cure the teared ACL? If surgery is important how can i buy more time because this time my studies are going are and i dont have time to go for surgery.

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  • Dear Anurag,

    The complete tear of ACL cannot be cured other than through reconstruction surgery. It is not must that you should undego the surgery immediately. But you should be careful in your activities and avoid playing, jogging etc. But if you would like to continue your sports activities you should undego the surgery. It is advisable to undergo surgery now at young age otherwise during oldage one will have problems and undergoing surgery at that time would be difficult.

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  • Hi friend,
    Since you are having very good pain,you have to immediately go for a surgery,since your exams are approaching very soon you have to care about your future career.Don't take this as silly one.You can't be treated by physiotherapist fully,you have to go for a immediate surgery.

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  • Hi,

    First, self medication and self treatment won't be good for anyone's health. Moreover, orthopedic problems will affect your quality of life. Initially you can go for x-ray of the particular knee or knees and better consult an orthopedic doctor. You yourself would not come to a conclusion that your ACL gets tear. With the help of diagnostic studies alone, you will get clearcut picture about your problem. In case, if you need surgery go for it. Nowadays sports doctors are there. Surgeries and post surgery just take two to three weeks to get cured. My cousin sister aging 62 underwent spinal card surgery a month back and now she is walking pain-free, able to do her work, lead a good quality of life. Since you are young you have lot to go in your life. Indeed, treatment for ortho-related problems is expensive. But health is more important than wealth.

  • Dear Anurag,

    Since you have not taken any X-ray or MRI of your knees its not logical to jump to any conclusion.

    I would suggest you to consult a good orthopedition. I too am suffering from chronic knee pain and have shown to Dr. K.H Sancheti(Sancheti hospital) in Pune. My MRI & X-ray show no tear but the doctor has told me I suffer from a sports injury called Condromalecia which is softening of the cartiledge below the patella(Knee Cap). For my case I have read that surgery also doesn't help. The only option is exercise.

    Likewise I would suggest you to first consult a doctor. May be yours is a similar case and just in case its similar and you find any solution for the same please let me also know about it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
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  • Your ACL ligament is perfectly fine. as you have told about locking of your knee, it is a pathology of meniscus. Physiotherapy is the other option. I would like to tell you about arthoscopic surgery, it is a minimal invasive surgery where one needle is inserted through your lateral aspect of joint. Through the other end they will insert one more needel for microscopic observation. This procedure used to remove all the ruptured structures. You will get discharge in just 24 or 48 hours.
    I will suggest you exercise after your response.

    Awaiting for replies.

  • Dear friend
    I had got my all ligament tear in June and still I am on bed rest as suggested by doctors of AIIMS that my knee is jammed and i need to bend it.My case is a bit critical and complex as I have to go for surgery otherwise my knee can break out at anytime.I cannot run walk fast etc,but let me tell you that ACL ligament tear is a very common tear and In some cases people are advised to undergo surgery, mostly in players.
    Why not be completely fit?Why there should be some doubt in our mind that we need not to run, avoid emergency etc.
    Please it is a minor operation and you should go for it.
    The question is not that you won't play again or anything, but, life is a long journey and you should be ready to face anything with confidence over your health.

    Iti Tyagi
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