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    What is the best treatment available for Hair loss in Ayurveda?

    Hello reader,

    What is the best treatment available for Hair loss in Ayurveda? Hair loss affects everybody equally irrespective of their gender. I wish to know the available remedies under Ayurveda for Hair loss so that without any side effects one can get it treated.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Ayurveda suggests use of natural drugs (of plant source) in treatment of any disease and they usually do not have side effects.

    Shikakai, aloe, sage, ritha, amla are good in conditioning the hair.
    Shikakai -softens hair
    Musk roof -promotes hair growth
    fenugreek -provides natural proteins for nourishment
    chickpea -provides natural proteins
    soapnut -conditoner
    jasmin -nourishment
    Thistle -promotes hair growth

    Proper care and nourishing of hair will reduce the hairfall to a greater extent.

  • The best Ayurveda treatment is take flowers of hibiscus, take out the juice from it, apply this juice to your hairs and keep it for forty five minutes before washing.

    The other treatment is boil coconut oil, curry leaves, hibiscus flower, and gooseberry. Cool it and filter the oil. Apply this oil daily and keep it for half an hour before washing.

    This will help you to stop the hair loss

  • Ayurveda treatment for hair has no side effects. There are many ayurveda treatments and few of them are

    1) Messaging hair with juice of amlas.
    2) Consuming amlas daily.
    3) Applying paste of amlas on the scalp in any form, like burning the amlas and making paste of it, or making paste of raw amlas.
    4) You can boil coconut oil with curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and store it, when ever you apply just warm the oil and message you hair.
    5) You can boil coconut oil with henna leaves, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, hibiscus flowers.

  • Here are some solutions i came across ::


    Dandruff is nothing but "Dry skin flaking off our scalp and some kind of itchiness many times"
    This dryness is generally caused by the aggravation of Vata.

    Make the following solutions :
    Solution 1 : Massage the coconut or neem oil before going to bed (this works better if a little camphor is added to the oil)
    Solution 2 : Massage the scalp with the oil made by mixture of coconut, mustard and castor oils
    Solution 3 : applying the mix of coconut oil and lemon juice also works, but for some people it may not work out.

    Tip: Never use too hot or too cold water to wash hair

    Hair Loss / Balding

    This may happen due to change in the body metabolism, mental tensions, even sometimes diet may cause the same.
    Another commen reason is exposure to too much heat, dust, sweat and chemicals

    Solution 1: Take Good & healthy diet(with more protiens); never skip meals
    Solution 2: Never forget to take care of hair, by keeping it clean, dust free
    SOlution 3: Make sure you do regular massage with any warm oil

  • 1. Soak shikakai and amla. Strain it in the morning and apply its paste to your hair for half an hour. Rinse hair with the strained water.

    2. Mix amla powder and henna. Soak it overnight. Next day morning, mix some curd in it. Apply the mixture for an hour and rinse it with water.

    3. Apply a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil on your hair for 3 to 4 hours. After that, take hot towel bath for the hair and wash it with water.

    4. You can also apply aloe-vera gel to your hairs once a week for an hour and then rinse with water.

    5. Take a healthy diet which includes lot of green leafy vegetables.

    6. Drink lots of water.

    7. Taking coconut water daily also helps in maintaining healthy hairs.

    8. Do not use harsh shampoos to wash hairs.

    9. Do not comb hair while they are wet.

    Hope these tips help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Apply hibiscus juice which is squeezed from it's leaves and apply directly to the scalp.Then leave it there for fourty five minutes before shower.During night,you can apply aloevera gel which is a strong solution to resist hairfall.Apply thoroughly in your scalp,so that the cooling effect is completely felt.This will increase the strength of your hair in the roots.It is important that you must not use any oil,if you have dandruff and try to avoid fat rich foods.

  • Take Mehendi-20 gms

    Guntagalagara leaves-20gms

    Aloevera gel-20 gms

    Nuvula oil- 80 gms

    First dry the leaves in the sun and make them as powder.Apply them in the oil and heat for sometime and add the aloevera gel to it and heat for 2 hours and remove all the leaves powder and keep this oil in a glass jar.

    Apply this to hair every night so it makes your hair strong and save from many hair problems.

  • consuming yoghurt everyday is a trusted remedie for hairfall....massaging the head with oils like coconut oil,brahmi and bringraj oil,vitamin E oil are best oil massage remedies.

  • In the present days hair loss has become a common and serious problem for the children as well as adults alike. Iron deficiency, environmental pollution, poor dietary habits, lack of cleanliness of hair and hereditary factors are the reasons for hair loss problem.

    Here are few steps to be followed to prevent hair loss:

    • Increase your intake of foods rich in iron like the green leafy vegetables
    • Increase the intake of curry leaves as this good for controlling hair fall as well as good for keeping the hair dark
    • cleanliness of hair is also very important for controlling hair fall, so if the hair is short have regular hair wash, or if the hair is long, wash it at least 2-3 times a week.
    • soak methi / fenugreek seeds overnight, grind it to a paste and apply it on the scalp half-an-hour before hair wash
    • Grind fresh hibiscus leaves / flowers to paste and apply it on the scalp for half-an-hour before hair wash
    • apply egg white half-an-hour before hair wash
    • do not go out after applying oil on the hair as this will help in accumulating dust particles and pollutants on hair which will increase the hair loss
    • Apply oil before going to bed and wash the hair in the morning
    • Avoid applying too sticky oils and also avoid using perfumed oils as this will increase hair fall.
    • avoid using commercial shampoos instead use herbal hair wash products like girijan shikai powder of girijan rita powder for hair wash

    Intake of healthy nutritious food, keeping the hair clean would help in preventing hair loss to a great extent.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi, in ayurveda there are lot of effective remedies for hair fall and its related problems. For better result for this treatment need meditation, diet like etc. Oil massage is the most effective treatment in the ayurveda for hair fall. The ayurveda give us some dietary list to avoid the hair fall that are,
    1: use aloe vera juice on head. After a three month regular use we will get stronge hair.
    2: yoghurt is very good solution for every hair problems. Regular use of it cause we will get thick hair on our head.
    3: use of green leafy vegetables will induce the the growth of hair.
    4: use of alcoholic drink cause hair fall may occur. So for the effective result avoid the use of alcohol.

    Oil massage is another better treatment for hair fall. Use of coconut oil and bhrahmi oil are the good oils for this. And washing hair with tea and vineger is good for hair growth.


  • The origin of ayurveda is in India. There are so much of traditional medicines are available in ayurveda. The hair loss is now a common problem. The main reason for that is the use of chlorine contaminated water. In ayurveda there is a tip to avoid the pre mature hair loss and hair graying.
    Here I am giving some traditional medicines in ayurveda for anti- hair fall. The following medicines should boil in coconut oil for an hour.
    Neela amari, kattarvazha, hibiscus, karpoor, kadukka, brahmi, nellikka. Here all the names may not be English. Because, these are traditional names in Kerala ayurveda. The above medicine should be apply on hairs daily for minimum fifteen minutes before bathing. This ayurvedic medicine is really a good choice for all whom suffering from the hair fall.

    Knowledge Leads To Victory.

  • In Ayurveda there many remedis discribed in text all are for health of hair
    there is nariyal tail til tail which are taken as base and drug best for hair are taken and decoction or kadha is made and that kadha or kqath and tail tiltailis heated upto the only tail is remained kadha evaporated
    this is best tail and used for hair problems
    there are drug listed below----
    Brungraj OR Maka
    Nirgundi Or Nirgudi
    Amalaki Or Aawala or aamala
    Vatajata or Vad

    there is other drug in text that is
    Saptamrut Loh----- it contains Loh bhasm
    it increases blood suply to hair

    Not failure but low aim is crime.

  • Hair loss is the main problems of adult age peoples. In every woman and man, hairs are the very important of the life. The hair reproduces the scalp places it will some time and cured of the hairfall. Some hairfall medicine and cream are allergic and itching of the head skin places, so it will cure ayurvedic and siddha medincine. In natural ayurvedic process, the scalp places in hair are produce and some treatment.

    Best Treatment of Hair fall in ayurvedic Medicine

    1. Onion is the best medicine to cure all hair problems. In the scalp places onion juice will apply and massage it every day. It reproduces the hair in scalp places to see a 3 week it will produce.
    2. The head and scalp will massage regularly in pure coconut oil with using finger.
    3. With using amla, shikkakai and reetha (kunkudukai) ayurvedic shampoo and mild shampoo to wash hair in 2 times a week to prevent the dandruff and hair fall.
    4. The products will help to increase the blood circulation of the head and scalp.
    5. Camphor with mix with coconut oil to applied daily with head and scalp.
    6. Aloe Vera gel are apply the head and scalp it will cure the hair fall and reproduce the scalp places in hair
    7. Using this shampoo, rusycure shampoo control the reoccurrence of dandruff, seborrhea & psoriasis and prevent the hair fall.
    8. Drink a plenty of water can take everyday.
    9. Eat good protein and vitamin foods and drink with water 30 minutes of each a day.
    10. In night time to keep a good sleep with grow the hair to prevent the hair fall.
    11. I recommended Herbal Hair oil. This oil applied to the scalp and massage to that the skin of the scalp is wetted. I assured this product of a healthier crown of hair, long and lustrous and sumptuous. It not only makes you feel younger, but also makes you look younger and impressive

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