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    Height increase for teens

    Hello doctors...

    I am an 18 year old girl and 5 feet tall. I attained puberty when i was 10.
    Though i had been taller as compared to others at my pre-teens years,i stopped growing at an early age.I am aware that genetics is an important factor deciding height but i have seen my friends, who also attained puberty at an early age,grow tall even when their parents are short.
    My nutrition had always been perfect, so is there any chance that i can increase my height as I am still in my teen years? If so,how?
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  • My dear teenager,

    There is no magic formula for increasing height. As you said rightly genetics plays a key role and also your growth hormone. Short parents can have tall children or tall parents can have short children too.
    If your height is meant to increase it will until you reach 22-23 years of age after which it stabilises. In some people the height increases gradually over a period of time whereas others experience a growth spurt when they suddenly appear taller.
    People do say that swimming, cycling etc do help but I am not quite sure how. So maybe you can try that, in any case its good for your health and you have nothing to lose.
    Nutrition is important so keep it good with milk, all fruits, vegetables specially green leafy and lots of water.

    All said and done, what you are is more important than how tall you are or what you look like. So stay happy and concentrate on your future plans.

    Wish you all the best and happiness always

    Dr. Tarannum

  • Hello Anonymous

    If you are still in your growth period, then chances are that you can grow taller. However the tips that I know are more or less guy based but you may try it too.
    Eat lots of protein and calcium based food. They are the building blocks of the body and help in getting taller.
    Play sports such as basketball and avoid lifting heavy weights.
    Go for jogging everyday for a while.
    Sleep in a dark room. Your body grows more in dark than light, this may or maynot be scientifically proven however, but many people swear by this tip.
    Do pullups(This is why I told you these tips are for guys and I don't know if girls can do pullups)
    Straighten your pose(Some people are short because they slouch whle walking)

    A daily activity that you must do-
    Take a pencil
    stand by the wall
    stretch as much as you can
    mark a line with the pencil.
    Try this every day without fail. After some months you will find that you are growing taller in cms if not in inches.

    Most important of all
    Believe in what I said and follow them. You will grow taller.


  • Dear friend, Please refer to the following thread where a very similar question has been discussed in a scientific way.

    'Complacency kills the progress,strive for the best..'
    'Share to grow, Grow to share'

    Ask expert section

  • As you are still 18 you can grow height till 22-23yrs.
    its no too late, you can overcome with this problem, you have time still,.

    Skipping and Swimming is the best exercise to grow height, as the full body gets exercise.
    and at the same time have a good nutritious food and work out daily, you have time still so dont worry,follow the above and see the difference.

  • Hi,
    as you told definitely familial features influence the height of the children. Normally females stop growing early than males because of the estrogen influence.
    children will grow more during the pubertal period after that growth decreases. As you are still in teenage there is some chance that you can gain little bit of height. You can consult endocrinologist and can get examined and proper medicine can be used.

  • Now as you are 18 still you have some years to grow your height. I would suggest you to first go to a good doctor and he will be able to tell you the exact problem.

    After that join a sport club and do some good exercise like skipping and jumping. This will help you for sure.

    But for this, be sure you have a good health status so that you can start with your daily exercise.

    Veena Sharma.

  • I feel you still have 4-5 years in which you can grow your height. Try the following and I am sure you would be able to do it:-
    1. Do cycling for at least 30 minutes daily.

    2. Do some stretching exercise daily.

    3. Try doing yoga and stick to it for a long time.

    4. Eat lots of fruits,green leafy vegetables,etc.

    5. Drink one glass full of milk at least 3 times a day.

    6. Drink lots of water.

    7. Play a sport like tennis or badminton or volleyball.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Studies have proved that there is a height increase till 21 in boys so no need to worry.Try the following and I am sure with positive mind frame you will have some good results.

    1.Try to be active in sports like Basket Ball, Throw ball as well as Lawn tennis servicing specially.

    2.Take proper diet, eat good and rich calcium diet like Cheese,Paneer etc.

    3.Hanging from a small height will help you in stretching as well as good exercise of the muscles.

    4.Try to avoid weight lifting exercises in gym as they hamper the height increase in teenagers.

    Now some advise for you,

    1.There is no point in going for the height I know it is important, but not mandatory, if a person has a zeal to do something big,then these things really don't matter.

    2.Try to increase the height of your deeds, be a good human being, there are several people who we know from there work not because of their height.

    3. We appreciate Aamir Khan and we know he is a shorter one,only 5 6', we love him not for his movies but the person he is.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

  • After puberty there is a very low chance to increase height. But still I have seen many cases where girls are able to increase their height after puberty. Here I am suggesting you homeopathy treatment for increasing height.
    Calcarea Phos 200 :- 2 dose.
    Calcarea Phos 6x :- 4 tablets 4 times a day.

    You can also try YOKO. It is also useful to increase Height.
    Do Pranayam daily.
    All the asans where spinal cord are used are very useful to increase height. I will suggest you to do 12 round of Surya Namaskar.
    Do meditation and be positive for your increasing height.

    Piyoosh Goswami
    "If you are busy, it means you are happy"

  • Please see the method outlined in Health in your hands by Devendra Vora to increase your height.

  • Genes play a very important role in body and height growth. But with proper and balanced diet you can attain a good height even if your parents are shorter. Nutrition plays the important role and even regular exercise is important. Since you are in teens you can do some regular stretching exercises.

    With regards,
    Navin Gupta

  • it all depends on ur genes , ur parents height , ur height will increase till u are 21-23 yrs old, physical exersise n other stuff like skipping , cyclying, swiming may help u to improve ur personality as u grow but ur height al depends on ur cell and its genes , so maintain a balanced deit ,n keep exersicing , good luck :)

  • You are at the age of 18.
    The best thing to increase height at this stage is do jogging for a five kilo meter every day on your toes ( running on fully toes is not possible but try to run on toes) that will help to increase your height but not too much and do some stressing exercise every day in the morning or at evening session,.
    also take calcium included foods like milk, tomatoes, Horlicks or any other nutritional drinks.

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  • In your case,as your height growth is stopped and you are still in your teens,you can even now increase your height by regular walking and even there are many height increasing exercises that can help you out like streaching your legs,bending your back,skipping and many more things. But I will suggest you not to go for height increasing pills which are cheaply available in the market as it affects the bones and makes them weaker.
    Hope this will work out.

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