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    My penis head is not comming out of my foreskin

    This is bharath 25 years old and i am working as a software engineer in a private company in bangalore.
    I have a problem with my pennies, as it gets exited the pennies head is not coming out the fore skin is this a problem whether this will affect while having sex with my girl friend please help me out (as i never had a sex with my girl friend she is very upset with that) please help me please...
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  • I can understand your problem. Many childrens are not practicing washing of their glans penis while bathing and later it gets stuck to the foreskin because continus collection of urea or drops of urine in between foreskin and glans penis.
    Put oil or any lubricant between the foreskin and glans penis. Now try to pull the foreskin slowly and steadily. But remember, avoid erection during this process.

    Awaiting for replies.

  • Hi,
    In childhood itself the foreskin of penis cuts due to the action of urine pass and also due to the habit of playing with the foreskin of penis and allows the head of the penis to move forward. In your case I think your foreskin has somewhat tough layer attached to foreskin and head of the penis. So you are in such big age not able to move the penis head forward at erected state. It causes problems in sexual life at the time of intercourse. So my advice to is go and contact any specialist doctor or surgeon he will do some simple surgery and clears your problem.

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  • It is nothing abnormal. However, in case of circumcision chances of penile cancer reduce

  • Circumcision is the answer to this problem.Don't go for sex wihtout correcting this,it may cause bleeding,if the foreskin is attached to the glanspenis.

  • Hi,

    I think this is not so big problem, you need oil massage in your pennies if you think that's not ok then you go to a good doctor for one small operation that's it.

  • You need not to worry dear. 6 out of 1000 men face this problem. But there is nothing abnormal in it. It will not affect your married life at all. Even me also face the problem. But my married life is quite good. I got a baby girl 1 year of my marriage. The problem is solved as the days are passing. I felt pain when i tried to take the penis out and I was confused if I would be able to intercourse. But There was nothing painful in intercourse.

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  • Bro just relax..u can still get over the problem..just while bathing try to pull ur foreskin and put water on the wil losen d skin..also start masturbating,it helps!!

  • ...HI.,
    This is called PHIMOSIS in medical terminology. The fore skin is the protective coat for the sensitive part of the tip of the penis called GLANS, which should be retractable back . There is nothing to worry but, at the same time you cannot neglect it .The dried up secretions make that area dirty and may lead to other problems.
    All that you need is a consultation by a surgeon or an urologist. He will assess the severity of your problem and advise accordingly. You might need a small surgery called circumcission

  • Mr. Anonymous,
    I think You are trying to pull the skin after getting erection. It is not correct.It will be painful and may not be pulled back. It is better to pull up your foreskin while the penis in a flaccid state. Then get your erection which will not be painful. Or the best think is to go for a surgery Circumcision.

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    I am 24 now, I can see my pines head and my foreskin moving back and rolled in the end of my pines head. whenever had a selfsex sperm is difficult to coming out when i released my foreskin front only it coming. So, i need help to move my foresikn to move back and easy getout my sperm by selfsex.
    Please help me,

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