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    Ligament Injury in the left knee

    I got all my ligaments completely teared when I fell from 15 feet and ever since then I am not getting a proper treatment for my knee.
    I was given a plaster on the knee and was given a rest of 8 weeks so that after it I can be operated as Doctors say that in my case I must have a surgery.As my all ligaments are teared, ACL,PCL,MCL etc.
    But i got my knee jammed and when went to AIIMS they said i need to bend it so that I may get operated but seems like my knee is taking too much time to bend.
    It's been more than three months that I am going to the Physiotherapist and still my knee can only bend upto 50 degree.And I can bend till 90 degree with lot of pain and when Physiotherapist helps me in bending it.
    What should I do?
    Should I go for operation or should I wait more as it has been 6 months after my injury.
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  • Dear Tyagi ,

    complete Ligament tear ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] or Posterior Cruciate Ligament [PCL] cannot be corrected or repaired through Physiotherapy. ACL/PCL can'not heal by itself because there is no blood supply to the ligament. Therefore you need to undergo a surgery. The procedure these days is very simple. Doctors perform key hole surgery.

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  • Cruciate ligaments are crossly arranged ligaments in the joint to provide stability to the joint during flexion, exxtension, rotatory movements. The lock the joints at certain angles, restricting the unwanted movements.

    It is not true that ligaments are avascular (do not contain blood supply). But ligament tears are to be corrected surgically.

    This reconstructive surgery is done by probing an instrument called arthroscope through a small hole in to the joint and visualising it on the television screen. Then using tendons (muscle part) from other sites these ligaments are repaired/reconstructed.

    Please consult an arthroscopist. (an orthopaedician who completed fellowship in arthroscopy)

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  • Yes can you suggest me some good hospitals, should I go for AIIMS?

    Iti Tyagi
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  • Why not definitely, It is the pride of India and you will get the best there.

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