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    Cake in pressure cooker

    hi, i am new in cooking. Once a friend taught me how to make cake in pressure cooker. I did make it succesfully for several times. Nevertheles, lately the cake never be cooked properly. I followed same recipe and method, don't know why it turned out tight, uncooked inside and burnt outside. Could you tell me why? Can anyone suggest a recipe (eggless prefered). What about steamed cake, please help.
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  • You can put a layer of river sand inside the cooker and then keep the cake pan on it. Preheat the cooker under very low flame before cooking. Keep the cooker under very low flame. High flame can burn the outside of the cake.

  • Yes, sand helps in uniform baking of the cake and also cooker remains durable

    Apart from this when baking cake in a pressure cooker, it should not be covered pressure tight with the lid, just covering it with the lid without the rubber or with a thali( checking that not much air will escape) is the ideal way to do it

    The cooker should be preheated

    The quantity of batter should be kept in mind when determining the time to cook and the temperature.

  • 1.first mix all ingredients with beater in a bowl and place it in the cake mould which is coated with ghee. in the pressure cooker first place sand and wait till the sand becomes hot. the mould on the sand.
    4.wait for 20-30 minutes.
    to know whether it is prepared or not,take knife and keep it inside the cake.if something sticked to that knife,means it will take some-more time to cook.
    after cooked take from the mould and serve it.

  • add all the ingredients of cake and put in a cake mould which is coated with ghee. Place the cake mould in pressure cooker which contains sand which is preheated, put the cooker on low flame for 20-30 minutes and check whether cake is well cooked or not by a knife putting inside, if cake is well cooked then knife will be clean otherwise some wet flour will be sticked to the knife. But remember that the pressure cooker lid is not closed very tightly or don't use the cooker lid with rubber gasket otherwise the cake will be burnt outside and raw from inside.

  • hii...
    The thing is that you have learnt basics you should buy a book of sanjeev kapoor as he is a expert chef but i want you to say that you should follow the reciepe again and try till you get success.So you should give it a nice look and taste as it should be so just buy a book and make it again.
    Thank you

  • I think If i say also you cant make it vary well.So the easy thing is to buy a book from the store and cook as per their instruction.I thing that would be better to make a cake.

  • make sure all the ingredients are in right proportion, before putting the mixture in the mould first rub the mould with some oil, put butter paper over it, then again apply oil over the butter paper at last dusting of the mould with all purpose flour or the flour you are using to make the cake.put the mould in cooker in medium flame n open it exact after 45 min.

  • To make a cake, It requires a special bowl with a conical shaped hole in it. But still, if u want to prepare a cake in a cooker, then you have to

    1. Bake it instad of trying to cook it.
    2. Dont let the cooker to be exposed to the direct flame.
    3. Use a small and a flat bowl with full of reversand below the cooker.
    4. That helps in avoiding the direct contact of flame with the cooker and helps in baking of the cake.
    5. Use a lid to cover the cooker(not with the lid of cooker, use a plain plate.)

    First of all, make sure that you prepare your recipe's ingredients are mixed properly in the proper portions.

  • Making cake in pressure cooker is very easy way. Ingredient require to make cake: 1 and 1/2 cup Plain flour, 1 cup Powdered sugar, 4 Egg, 1/2 cup Refined oil or plain butter, 1 tsp Baking soda, 2 cup Milk, 1 tsp Vanilla essence. (You may change the ingredient according to your requirement) How to make: 1. take milk, vegetable oil, flour, butter, vanilla essence, egg, chocolate power (or what you want for your taste) and Mix all of the ingredient in a container, 2. Pour the mixture in the greased pan. Don't fully fill the container. 3. Put the sand in the pressure cooker 1/4 filled, this sand is used to make an environment like oven in the pressure cooker Put the sand and light the flame, (flame should be low), 4. Keep checking the cake whether it is baked or not by inserting a toothpick into the the cake, 5. Take that cake out in another container for cooling, decorate the cake with your desire, and surve it to your friend or family. This whole process will take 1-2 hours (according to the quantity) Good luck.

    Palash Mandal
    You Life Your Choice

  • Cake can be made in pressure cooker easily. As you know the ingredients, I am not telling about this. After mixing the ingredients, make ensure that the cooker is dry. Apply a little refine oil in the pan where you will place the ingredints. Then place a paper in the pan and again apply little oil i the paper. Then place the pan inside the cooker in very low flame. The whistle of the cover should be removed wwhile baking the cake. Because there should be a hole in the cover. After few minutes when the cake is more than half baked, you can turn the cake if you think necessary.

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