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    How to open a jammed knee

    I have been enduring a jammed knee from past five months, despite of regular exercises by my physiotherapist I am only able to open around 35 degree.
    I really don't know what may be the reason as I had complete ligament tear and my patella is also not there in place.

    In order to get operated I need to bend my knee to 90 degree at least.
    Can any one suggests me any other natural remedy apart from exercises as that I am doing regularly.
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  • Jammed knee is due to injury or due to other problem is most important. I suggest some general things. First of all you have to prepare that this will effect not as early as possible. It will take time to recover.
    1. You have to try mahanarayan tel for local application. This will applied before bath.
    2. You have to take hot fomentation or take hot water bag and place according to your sensitivity.
    3. Now bath with hot water.
    This is very helpful for recovery in condition.

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  • It is good that you are regularly doing exercise under guidance of physiotherapist. But it also required for you to apply something externally on your knees. You should do a massage of some oil on your knees as that can give you faster relief in this problem. Also try to take calcium rich diet. For that you can take an advice of any nutrition. Sometimes physiotherapist also gives electric massage. So ask your doctor for the need of that.

  • Basically your knee is not jammed but there's problem with flexion and extension of your knee joints. Jammed word is used for old machines which have got rust and grease is applied to move them. Don't take your knee in any manner like those machines. A well trained orthopaedician can only cure your joint problem. But if I am asked to give answer about your joint, I won't say anything before looking at your x-ray. You may do light exercises and apply some muscle relaxant cream or take some calcium and vitamin D supplement but the final treatment can be provided by an orthopaedic surgeon only.

  • Hi,

    I think better you continue exercise what Doctor has advised you. These kind of injuries take very long time to be normal. Don't try to do anything else without Doctors advice otherwise you may get in trouble.

    From how many days you're doing exercises? Any exercise takes up to one month to six months to show its effect. So, Be patient and determinant.

    Sabrez Alam
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