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  • Marrying second cousin

    hi,i am a 23 years old girl,and i luv ma second cousin(i.e my mothers cousin sisters son)even he loves me a lot.we are planning to get married by the end of this year.but i have hear regarding getting married to a second cousin have lot of effects on the next generation of us.kindly help me out.n what step should i take so that ma next generation will be normal.kindly do the needful.
    thanking you
    wating for your reply.
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  • In my opinion as long as there are no hereditary problems, there is nothing wrong in marrying a cousin. If both are from good filial genes then for sure that the offspring will also be of good genes. The characters of the offspring are mainly decided by hereditary factors and not with the relationship of people. In such case, if you know that there are not genetic problems, marrying a cousin might not have any affect on the offspring.

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  • Marriages between persons having certain relationship has been considered to be against our traditions.You have not mentioned the relationship with your second cousin. However, the problem arises only when you have a direct blood relation with a person. In such cases it is said that the offspring from such a relation is likely to be born with some kind of deformity. This is a medically proven fact though I am not sure about the reasons. Hereditary also plays a role. It is better that that you consult a medical specialist before getting into a wedlock.

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  • Marrying a second cousin if he/she is not a direct blood relation to you is not a wrong decision. However marrying far relatives is a better option. You can consult a counselor or a doctor to know the details of the consequences so that you do not regret your decision later in life.

  • First of all let you know your parents opinion. Because without their permission this marriage is not possible. The reason is man is a social creature. We have to follow the rules generated by society. According to me it is against to society rules. It is only fake not love. The society will not adopt this relation. The better part would be to forget it and do what your parents want.
    But still if you think you really love each other then you should get married.

    Piyoosh Goswami
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  • I really don't think that the next generation will face any problem until and unless there is any hereditary problems. If you are so much concern then you and your going to be husband should consider to go for a complete health check; to count out the possibility of any physical or mental problem to your childrens.

    Veena Sharma.

  • Hi,
    this marriage comes under third degree consanguineous marriage. Though risk is low with this but can not be completely eliminated. Both of you can undergo genetic analysis and depending on that the chances of future risk to the baby can be estimated.
    If the pregnancy occurs better to follow the baby from the beginning by ultrasound to diagnose any structural defects if major defects are there termination is the option. Anyhow now a days good monitoring methods are there, so any defect can be early recognized. Hope all this will not be needed and you both have genetic compatibility.

  • Hi! Pre-marital genetic counseling is the best option for you. Don't be afraid of it and nothing strange about this. There would be a day when this would become a habit in the society.

    In the light of preventing hereditary diseases running in the families (familial), pre-marital genetic counseling is gaining undue importance. It consists of drawing your family history and ruling out incidences of genetic diseases and mapping the genes with karyotyping (which can ofcourse detect only gross abnormalities) and other molecular tests warranted based on the history.

    If you are nearer to Banglore, St Jhons institute is on good option. You get it done cheap there.

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  • Hi,
    I think there is no effect on next generation. The Rh factors affect the birth of second child. If one parent is Rh positive and second is negative then it affect the birth of second child. But the treatment is available for this problem. So there is no worry. You can marry him .

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  • Theoretically marriage between relations is wrong because same genes come and crossing happens. there are many factors that our genes carries but when same genes comes there is some genes and factors become dominant and become cause of disease
    Practically there are many marriage in relations. there old myth of marriage with maternal uncles daughter. but they have no problem for their child but who having problem are in relations
    there are chances of hereditary problems in other than relation marriage child but it is very rare case.
    lastly problem is our fate but scientifically same gene pull is flowing in our family have no chance of renovation
    there was ancient literature like Ayurveda suggest that find bribe for marriage in that "kul" that have no relation i.e. blood relation for last seven pidhis
    other side is in mahabharat hindu mythology there is marriage between Arjun and Subhadra maternal uncles daughter that is trend continue in other culture also have this trend
    this is two side of coins I have presented I have given this Hindu side but this trend is in any other community

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  • If you are asking about the legal point of view-There is no rule that you cannot marry your second cousin. Regarding the birth of a normal child, what is the guarantee that you will get a perfectly healthy child if you marry a girl who is not known to you or not a far flung relative? Sometimes "normal" couples do get "abnormal" children too.

  • Hi,
    You have not mentioned from which community or religion you are belonging. As far as I know in Hindu communities the relationship between you and your mother's cousin sister son is treated As a brother and sister relationship. In addition, no marriage w ill be done among both of you if you approaches your elders for marriage. If you both still wants to marry therefore, in future these kinds of marriages increases the risk of genetically disordered babies. Medical science cannot assure a healthy baby for these couples. So in my opinion you just re check your decision by consulting good doctor and get proper advise from the doctor which is most important for your after marriage life.

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  • Your relation comes under third degree consanguinous marriage.As it is not of much risk like 1st and 2nd degree, still it has some risk.Pre-marital genetic counselling is an option.During pregnancy karyotyping can be done to find out bnormalities of the baby if it is there and can do precautions.Dont worry much about this as the chance is very less.Nowadays newer techniques have been developed to detect any problems very early.So go to hospital where genetic department is well known

  • Here's a simpler way for you people, you both can make a flowchart of your family persons(at least till your grandfather to present) with respect to the diseases(which transfers genetically) caused to them. [Get information from your family about the disease which were caused to your ancestors at least till your Grandfather].

    And then go to a doctor or anyone who is having enough knowledge about genetics and else. And handover this flowchart to them, so that they can orally tell you about the dis-ease which may cause to your offspring.

    There is nothing wrong in marrying your cousin if above mentioned chances of problem are not there. As you have mentioned the relation that - your mom's cousin's son, I think there will not be any problem with offspring. Just consult a doctor and clear your doubt and worries from mind.

    I wish and hope that all will remain fine and you get married soon to have two cute kids and lead a happy and peaceful lifetime.

    Good luck.

    Ank Arya

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