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    What is the difference between BPO and KPO

    the full form of BPO is Business process outsourcing and KPO is Knowledge Process Outsourcing.But I want to now about the main difference between the BPO and KPO.
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    I also want to know about the work diffeence between the BPO and KPO.
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  • An organisation is made up of various processes. If you take a service organisation e.g. Telecommunication, where there are various functions like sales of new connections, activation of service, segregation of connections into pre-paid and post paid, land line connections, internet services and then after sales services.

    Now whenever you hear of a BPO, in your mind first thought comes is of Telecommunication service only, because we are using it daily and we often call up the customer care executive for resolving minor problems. This process of handling customers by customer care executives is best example of BPO.
    This process of customer handling is also a process for the organisation which needs to be handled very effectively and hence BPO centre are set up.

    KPO on the other hand is related to specified professional fields, like Law, taxation, accounting and technical and IT support. Here also the customer care executives handle your queries but there is a difference in the qualification of the customer executive. Usually qualified graduates are appointed as customer care executive in KPO's. E.g. Only a person with LLB or higher degree can be appointed in a KPO dealing with Law matters, a person holding B.Com and higher degrees can be appointed in a KPO dealing with accounting and taxation work.

    For BPO such qualification is not needed and the nature of work is limited which is taught to the executives during their incubation period.

    The BPO provide general service while KPO provide specialized services.
    KPO can be said to be one step extension to BPO.
    More or less they are both process outsourcing.

  • I think you know now what is BPO and BPO stand for and KPO full form.

    BPO - anybody who have passed 10th or 12th with average communication skills with computer knowledge can work for any process whether it could be of Data entry related for Telecomm process, Bank process, Insurance process, Mortgage process, and Mediclaim process etc. you are not necessary to be professional on this but company will give you pre-process training and live training.

    KPO - it is only meant for highly qualified professionals such as Engineer, Auditor, Doctor, Lawyer and so on. These professional personility can work for their own field task and no different process or different job responsible like BPO.

    For more detail, please check the link given here on BPO and KPO difference.
    Difference between BPO and KPO

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    BPO and KPO are both offshoring and outsourcing industry but they are not that exactly the same. BPO is usually back office services and front office services mostly related to IT stuffs while KPO is usually core functions that requires knowledge and specialised skills. Another thing is that BPO is for reducing costs and expenses while KPO is for finding specialised solutions.

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