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    What is the cost of a computer with good configuration?

    Can some one give me the cost of an assembled computer (not branded) with good configuration with speed in GHz, the hard disk of about 500 GB, RAM above 2 GB, with DVD writer and essential ports. Don't include the price of a monitor. Please quote only the price of a Desktop with good configuration.
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  • Sukhdev,

    Please find hereunder the URL of the post in which I had answered almost a similar question. It would be helpful to you regarding your query.


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  • Can you please clarify whether the antivirus suggested @Rs.1500 is one time cost or is it the recurring cost every year. It is better to suggest the name of antivirus.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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  • Sukhdev,

    The cost which I have mentioned is for one year only. I (including my children, who do use internet recklessly without knowing about the danger of downloading malicious item s like screen savers, or songs etc.) have been using Quickheal total security for an year now. Prior to the installation of 'Quickheal total security', my desk top needed formatting every 2-3 months but since I have installed Quickheal total security, not even once did I feel the need of formatting.

    There are various products by Quickheal, for everyone's needs and pocket, such as

    1.AntiVirus Pro @Rs.1000. This one is the most basic version which protects your desktop from malicious threats which enter into a desktop when one checks mail or chats or browses the internet

    2.Internet Security @Rs. 1450. This one secures your PC from all kinds of network-based and Internet threats.

    3.Total security @Rs.1950. This is the best for a home PC which protects your PC from almost all types of threats, like Internet or network-based threats, worms, viruses, spywares, Trojans (the deadliest of them all), prevents you from landing on phishing sites while browsing the net, schedules internet access with its Parental control feature. In addition to that 'The PCTuner tool' helps you in improving the overall efficiency of your PC and your mobile, with its PC2Mobile Scan feature.

    The prices herein above mentioned are the M.R.Ps which can be negotiated while buying the antivirus. I bought 'the Total security version' for Rs. 1300 last year and am 100% satisfied with its performance. I hope the above information suffices. If you have any further query, please feel free to contact.

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  • Cost of new assemble computer depends upon configuration you have choose. Your processor you have to fix. there are intel core, core 2 duo,i2, i3 processors. as you choose best cost increases. There are some what 15000 to 20000 you can got best assemble computer with monitor you choose LCD with 17 inch. you can get all this as best.

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  • This configuration cost less than Rs.15000/-

    processor = pentium Dual core E5800 @3.2Ghz
    ( this is Probably the BEST and CHEAPEST processor available only Rs. 4800/-)

    RAM = 4 GB DDR3 (Rs. 2750 for Kingston )

    HDD = 500 GB (Rs. 2000 for segate hardisk)

    motherboard = ( Rs. 1750 for ECS )

    cabinet cost around Rs. 400 - 1000.

    Graphic card if required will cost 3000 extra.

    As you can see this is very cheap but a powerful Pc for doing heavy works.

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