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    What is ankle sprain and how to cure it?

    Few weeks ago, I fell down and my ankle twisted inside. I came home but after few hours, I was unable to walk. After taking rest for 3- 4 days, I was able to walk slowly. But, I am not able to put complete pressure on the leg. So, what should I do now? Should I take complete rest? Or, it is necessary to consult doctor? In how many days, the legs will recover completely? Is any medication required?
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  • An ankle sprain is a condition when the ligament or ligaments of the ankle gets torn. It commonly happens when a person tries to move his/her foot more than its normal possible limit, which causes tension between ligaments and they get torn.

    Sports persons are the common sufferers for this problem as while exercising and playing they get such injuries very often.

    Yes, the treatment for it is must!
    There are several Natural and Medical cure for this problem, and if one suffers from such injuries, he/she should consult a Doctor soon.

    To decrease the chances of ankle sprains, one should remain careful while performing physical tasks greater than his/her ability. One should wear proper shoes instead of high heels, as your styling may put you in a great problem and pain anytime.

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  • Ankle sprain is the disorder caused due to excessive streching of the ligaments of the ankle joint. The bones which make ankle joint are navicular and talus. There are some ligaments which connect them and keep them in position. Ankle sprain occurs due to overstrecthing of these ligaments. This results in oedema and inflammation around the joint. The simplest treatment is to immobilize the joint using bandage to give it rest and to the injured ankle joint slightly above the body level by putting it on a pillow.

  • Ankle sprain is cased by pulling muscle when you slip.
    Excess strain causes swelling in muscle ligament. When you move this ankle during walking this ligament movement causes pain and this is increase in swelling.
    You have to take rest for this and swelling relieving drugs.
    Serratiopeptidase is drug used for this and antibiotics use also recommended. Pain relieving NSAID is also prescribed like diclofenac sodium. this can cure this condition.

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  • Dear Suryakant, there is no role of antibiotics in a sprain. Absolutely 'NO'.

    You should take an X ray to rule out fractures, if you think you had impact on bones. The treatment would be to stabilize the joint by applying a crepe bandage around the joint. Use NSAIDS with caution. Dont subject the effected area to stress at all.

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  • Any kind of a muscular sprain is mostly caused when excess pressure is given on that muscle and in that process the ligaments get stretched beyond their maximum limit. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in that area. Mostly people going to gym and sports persons are the common sufferers of this problem.

    It should not be taken lightly as in later ages it can result in more severe problems. You should definitely consult an orthopaedic. Also, in winters the pain is much severe so you should keep the area properly covered so that it remains a little warm.

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  • The ankle sprain is most common by the inversion injuries. The same you have. The problem may be tear of the anterior talofibular ligament or the calcaneofibular ligament. Simple splint for few days cure the problem. If the healing delayed, there may be chondral damage. Schitigraphy is the best investigation. Arthroscopic debridement is the treatment for that.


  • Dear member,
    You can have wax treatment which will be given by your physiotherapist.This not only reduces pain but also it helps to reduce swelling.Hence wax therapy is the best remedy for your condition.

    You can also have wax treatment in your home itself.
    Wax bath at home
    Things to buy:
  • Parrafin wax (approx.half Kg)
  • Parrafin oil(100 grams)
  • lint cloth
  • thick bottomed pan
  • medium sized cup to hold wax
  • water
  • gas stove

  • Keep the wax in the cup and add paraffin oil to it.Keep it aside.
  • Now light the stove and boil water in a thick bottomed pan.
  • Switch off the stove.
  • Keep the cup containing wax and oil inside this pan.
  • Care should be taken not to mix water in cup containing wax.
  • Dip the lint cloth and wipe it with a stick from up to down direction,so that it won't leak.
  • Wrap it around your Ankle slowly.
  • Do it for 5 wraps once or twice daily for 7 days.

  • If you have Diabetes take precautions while giving this treatment since over heat will result in burns.
  • If you have any doubt visit your nearby physiotherapist and get some demonstrations.

  • You can also do some easy exercises like
    moving your ankle up and down while sitting.
  • Give some toe movements in order to get gripping.
  • Intrinsic foot muscles should be exercised properly to get full range of movement.

  • An ankle sprain occurs generally when the ankle is twisted and the ligaments of the ankle gets torn while walking/running/ playing/ jumping.After the incident with in one hour ankle starts swelling and paining. Go to hospital get the x-ray done if the bones are safe. The doctor will pur hot bandage over the ankle get admitted take complete rest do not move. Take some pain killer. It will take 6-7 days to complete recovery. You may be able to walk after 2-3 days but take rest and do not move.

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