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    What are some good medicines for cold and sneezing for kids?

    Kids often suffer from cold and cough during change of season. What are some good medicines for such problems?
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    One should not take medicines without a Doctor's Advise. It may be harmful to our body. Specially for kids, you must contact to doctor. Medicine should take according to human age. If a 18 years old person take tablet of 500mg then it will be okay but same medicine taken by child then it may be harmful to him.

    Pankil Agrawal

  • It is better to consult a paediatrician if such situation occurs. Often, doctors recommend the dose of the medicine to be given according to the age of the child. Some of the recommended medicine to infants are- Fepanil plus, Zyrcold.
    Then also, I would advice to consult a doctor in such situations because a child is a precious gift and should be taken very much care.


  • If it is an ordinary cold and cough without any infection then follow:

    • Instead of giving medicines just applying vicks vaporub will be fine.
    • Extract half a spoon of ginger juice, add equal measure of honey to it and give it to the child in the morning
    • Add little pepper powder in the milk and let the child drink the milk along with powder powder
    • While giving rice at lunch time, add very little pepper powder to one morsel of rice and let the child eat this first and then can have normal meals
    • Avoid giving curd particularly at night instead give rasam
    • Roast ginger over flame, extract juice from this ginger, add little honey to it and let the child take it.
    • To avoid cough mix equal measures of betel leaf extract, ginger juice and honey and give it to the child
    • Even you can give the extract of basil leaves / Tulasi leaves mixed with little honey which is very effective in curing cough.

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  • Kids often suffer such irritations during change of season. But don`t give them any medicines, providing medicines in each and every small cause will not only make the child less in immunity power, but also it will have side effects in future due to constantly taking pills/medicines.
    Try giving them traditional way of treatment like steam inhalation. Which is has no side effects and it is fast curable.

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  • For common cold and sneezing with cough is common in children. I suggest management here for such condition.
    1. febrex plus syrup is one medicine this is brand name contains Chlorpheniramine maleate and paracetamol this is combination this is symptomatic.
    2. Antibiotic therapy is given like Azithromycin .

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  • Cold and sneezing are the most common sufferings of the children. If these conditions are minor, no need to be worried. Children get recover healthy state by their own as they have great immunity. But in case of sever sneezing and cold you may go for following homeopathic medicines:
    Natrum mur 6x 1 to 2 pills four times a day for 2 days.
    bryonia 30 2 pills three times a day if day are hot and nights are cold as in feb and august.
    Rhus tox 30 two pills three times a day in damp cold condition like rainy seasons.

  • Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids.
    Over-the-counter cold and cough medicines may help ease symptoms in adults and older children. They do not make your cold go away faster, but can help you feel better.
    Over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines are not recommended for children under age 6. Talk to your doctor before giving your child any type of over-the-counter or nonprescriptioncough medicine, even if the label says it is made for children. These medicines likely will not work for children, and may have serious side effects.

  • 1. Justicia adhatoda syrup available in siddha medical shop. It will drink twice a day cure in cold and mucus cough.
    2. Karpooravalli leaves (Plectranthus amboinicus) to grind and drink the juice.
    3. Thoothuvalai leaves (Solanum trilobatum) take a 15 leaves to mix with idly dosai flour to eat dosai and it will cure cold and cough of mucus will away it.
    4. Instantly adjust the gastric heartburn to children, grind the leaves, infect the baby's chest, chewing mucus immediately dissolve and resurfacing of the cured.

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