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    Regarding keeping videos in the blog

    Are looking for information on posting videos on your blog? Find out whether it is better to post videos in you tube or on blog. Also learn how to embed you tube videos on blogs.

    I am running one blog in it I am posting some videos demonstrating how to make tiffins etc. But people telling that if we post the videos in you tube the response will be good. Can I post same videos both in the blog and You tube? Is it comes under violation of rules? Can anybody clarify?
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  • Of course, You will get better response from you tube website of your videos. You can post same videos in the blog and you tube. If videos is yourself don't violation of rule.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I think there should be any widget to add YouTube videos in your blog. YouTube videos always get a good response if it is up to the video making standards of YouTube. You can also upload these videos to YouTube and earn some good revenue as well as you can give your video link to your blog.

    Sabrez Alam
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  • Hi
    You can post your videos in the youtube as well as in your own blog. But if you post it in the youtube the response is ore than your blog. Because unless until your blog is popular there is no more use of your videos. Once you post it in the youtube later you can use that video directly from youtube in your blog.
    Embedding Youtube Video:
    1) click on share button when you play a video in youtube.
    2) select show more,next click on Blogger icon
    3) Enter your username and password
    4) Choose the blog where you want to post it.

  • It seems you want to upload videos on youtube and show the same video on your blog. It is very easy and you don't need any special technical knowledge.

    Just signup to youtube with your gmail account(or any other account). Then upload the videos you have made.

    To include the same video or any video from youtube to your blog. Just open the video, click on the share button. Then click on embedd. A code will be displayed below in the textarea. Just copy and paste the same code on a place you want to show the video in your article.


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    To integrate a comparable video or any video from youtube to your blog. Modestly open the video, tap on the offer no-win situation. At that do my coursework opinion tap on embed. A code will be publicized beneath in the text area.

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