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    Severe pain in left shoulder and arm

    If you or any of your family members are experiencing pain in left shoulder and arm do not negelect it. Read here about a similar experience where after a cerebral stroke the patient is experiencing unbearable pain in left shoulder and arm.

    My husband is experiencing severe pain in left shoulder,arm and back. The pain in shoulder and arm is unbearable. This pain started after he suffered a cerebral stroke. He lost balance and fell down twice. Hence, removed digital X-ray.Report shows no abnormalities or fracture.

    Kindly advice what could be the cause? Could it be cardiac-related?
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  • Hello!

    I am really sorry to hear this. A pain in the left arm and shoulder may be due to blood circulation problem. Sometimes there may not be proper blood circulation to the left side of the body. This may be due to many reasons including aging.

    Some things that I can suggest are -

    1. Avoid eating less nutritious food.

    2. Do some physical exercise like walking or jogging. This may help in proper blood circulation.

    3. Do not eat roadside junk and fast food.

    4. Do not sleep leaning towards the side of pain. Hope he won't do that.

    5. Go for periodic checkup to a cardiologist since this is an issue related to heart.

    6. Above all, pray to God. If you don't believe in God, atleast ask someone to pray for your husband.


  • Analysing the past cause may be on the other side. But please show your husband to a good doctor as he may got attacked by some spondylosis. According to the advice told me by allopathic doctors, it is best to treat by ayurvedic or homeopathic way. My suggestion is best to consult the SDM Ayurvedic Hospitals of Karnataka. They are having many charitable hospitals (with normal charges but excellent treatment).


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  • Thanks for your response.

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  • Is the pain radiating near the ear of the onvolved side?
    Is the pain inflicting on nect when pricked or pressed on hand and vice versa?

    If so please take him to the nearest neurologist for accurate diagnosis. Also have a thyroid function test. As stated by Ramachandran even am suspecting to be spondylitis. So he needs an immediate neurological assistance.

    Spondylitis is a disease where there is inflamation of joints and vertebrae due to compression of the motor nerve by the bone. This happens when there is ankylosis of the bone. Hence it is also called as Ankylosing Spondylitus. So please seek doctor's help for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

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  • Ask your husband to take more calcium, for deficiency of calcium causes pain to bones as the bone become weak.
    The symptoms of Tennis Elbow is shoulder and other joint pains.
    Better consult a doctor as he already had a cerebral stroke.

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  • It is definitely neuropathic pain if it is not osteopathic pain. As there is no fracture or ligament injury also, it is a neuropathic pain. Neurologist is the right doctor for it.

    It can't be a cardiac pain. Cardiac pain must have origin in chest and the radiating to left limb. ECG can diagnose cardiac problems very conveniently. Very cost effective and least time consuming test.

    Neuropathic pain best responds for the drug Gabapentin (Neugaba) available as 75 mg and 150 mg tablets. Usually 75mg twice is sufficient.

    @Chitra, Tennis elbow means lateral epicondylitis. It happens only at elbow on outer side injury. Please check before you answer.

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  • My mom is suffering through a similar pain and has been diagnosed with spondlysis. Consult with a doctor rather than just assuming what it is and taking likewise assumed treatment


  • Physical exercise and sesame oil malish is best remedy to get rid from pain. Actually muscle of shoulder are damaged due to heavy work load. Muscles are recover from damages within a week. Hence dont worried, If pain is high then meet any doctor to get advise and medicine. Pain killers are good in case of muscle pain but do not use it regularly.

    With Best Regards,

  • Thank you Dr. Nikhil Ratna. As predicted by you the pain is related to neuropathy. Shown him to a Neurosurgeon. His problems are diagnosed as Hemiparesis. Very strong medications given and the surgeon recommended daily physiotherapy. Physiotherapist engaged, but he is not cooperating, because of unbearable pain in the left shoulder and arm.

    Is there any home remedy other than exercises for relief from severe pain?

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  • Hemiparesis is weakness of the one half of the body. Thanks that it is not hemiplegia which is complete paralysis of half body. Mainstay of the treatment is to see that stroke doesnot reccur. Physiotherpay constantly improves the situation and one should have patience. You should encourage him to exercise and walk greatly. If I could know the type (ischemic or hemorragic) of stroke and the cause then I would more specifically comment of the treatment and outcomes.

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  • Thanks for your kind response, Dr. Nikhil Ratna.
    I reproduce below the CT Scan report taken soon after the stroke.

    Protocol: A Plain CT Scan of the Brain was performed in an axial plane.

    findings: Few lacunar infarcts are seen in left centrum semiovale, right corona radiata and bilateral gangliothjalamic regions.

    Periventricual white matter ischemic changes are seen in supratentorial region.

    No obvious cortical hematoma or SOL is seen
    No focal cerebellar of brain stem lesion is seen.

    The ventricular system and CSF spaces are prominent suggestive of diffuse atrophic changes.

    Impression: Few lacunar infarcts are seen in left centrum semiovale , right corona radiata and bilateral gangliothalamic regions.

    Periventricual white matter ischemic changes are seen in supratentorial region.

    Diffuse age related cortical atrophic changes are seen.

    In spite of physiotherapy, he is totally confined to bed unable to sit on his own, unable to stand or walk even after heavy medication for the last four and a half months.

    He is complaining of throat choking, and keeps on clearing his throat though out day and night. He makes loud and very long hiccups every now and then which scares me a lot. How dangerous are these symptoms? Is there any remedy to these problems?

    Kindly advice.


    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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