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    Antivirus - Do you suggest free version and licensed version

    Find out about best free antiviruses and how to download a free version antivirus. Also know more about which is better a free version antivirus or a licensed version of antivirus.


    A home user can get the antivirus software in 3 different ways.
    1. Free antivirus software version from a internet world
    2. Get the license key from a computer shop (He provides you a key and a duplicate software for you with a fee
    3. Purchase a software from an authorized website or single user sealed pack with hologram from any nearest computer shop

    And give me the reason for you to prefer any of the above option.
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  • Hello KK,

    From personal experience, I can say that a genuine anti-virus software is thousand times better than the free versions or the cracked versions. Firstly, the free versions are not that much effective as they do not get regular updates from the parent company. In fact, I had been using those free versions for some 5-6 years and my PC needed formatting after every 2-3 months. Some of the free versions expired after a fixed period of some days. Secondly, the cracked versions are never reliable as they are copies of the original software. The guy next door may trick you into buying the cracked version by saying that it would not expire within few days or it will get regular updates from the company but it never happens. You get regular updates from the company when you register your product with them. Regular updates are needed because new type of viruses are being invented everyday and the companies go on creating patches to plug the loop holes in their older versions, as and when needed.

    Tired of frequent formatting, I bought a genuine seal-packed, single-user antivirus last year for Rs. 1300 (which is around Rs. 100 a month) which was valid for an year. It was 'Quick Heal Total security' and had all the features in it. I got an extended validity of 3 months and it worked for 15 months to be precise, which amounts to less than Rs. 100 a month. It worked superbly and in those 15 months I did not ever feel the necessity of getting my PC formatted.

    There are different versions of anti-viruses according to everybody's needs. I had answered to a similar query and you can get the details of different versions of anti-viruses form it.

    I hope it suffices but if in case you have any further query, please feel free to contact.


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  • Hi Gypsy Sir,
    Thanks for providing valueable suggestion. I was also thinking of QuickHeal Internet Security. With your response, I confirm and can go ahead with it.

    K K

  • Hello KK,

    I would suggest you to go for Total security version of Quickheal and not just Internet Security. The price difference is not much but Total security is far better than Internet Security. Though the MRP of Quickheal Total security is Rs. 2,000 but I bought it for Rs. 1,050 (inclusive of tax) last week. For features of both the version you should refer to the link I have mentioned in my previous response.


    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

  • It is always better to get a licensed antivirus software. This is not only genuine but much better than free software. If the licensed version is bought, you can update it regularly from its website. And your system will always remain safe from the latest virus.


  • Licensend Anti-virus package is safer to your system even though it cost little extra. Rest all are unsafe to your system.

  • I would suggest you to go with the genuine version which you can buy from the authorised website. I have used various free antivirus softwares. Initially they provided good support. But as days gone it was not working properly and I have formatted my system completely 2 times. After that I have installed Kaspersky antivirus and for the past 6 months my system is working fine. And I also get alerts for blocking any unwanted content. You will get a lot of added benefits like improved security features. So, I would suggest you to go with the genuine antivirus version.


  • Avira is the best free antivirus available in the internet freely and it is the one most top downloaded and rated among the users.You can freely download it in cnet

  • Hi!
    Well, answer to this question depends upon two factors:
    1) Operating system that you are using & 2) Level of your expertise to configure both OS & the security software.

    For eg. A professional OS like Windows XP professional with proper user account settings (restricted user) and other precautionary settings (disabling autorun of external drives etc.) implemented via group policy editor may not even require a free antivirus for its smooth operation.

    So, first get a genuine copy of a professional OS or use Linux and set to update them regularly, else your computer will get infected sooner or later, irrespective of antivirus you use.

    Second, configure OS properly.

    Finally, choose your antivirus wisely & configure it properly.
    In my opiniom Norton 2012 Internet Security is the clear winner in all aspects like
    1) Detection rate
    2) Removable rate
    3) Scan speed
    4) Resource utilized
    5) Frequency of updates
    6) Pre installation scan etc.

    For free AVG is best

  • Hello,
    If you haven't bought any antivirus then go ahead.

    Need of Antivirus:
    1. If you have lots of friends who are likely to use your PC or Laptop.
    2. If you surf net randomly and download stuff from untrusted sites.
    3. If you have Microsoft based Operating System.

    Types of Antivirus:
    1. Paid
    2. Freeware

    "All that shines is not gold". In the same way, all freely available antivirus are not bad.
    If you are a normal user (just like me) then paid software is not a need. In my last 4 years I have never installed any antivirus ever. But you can install after all "Stitch in time saves nine".

    What I strongly recommend is Microsoft Security Essential. An antivirus program developed by Microsoft which is now default in all new laptops having original Microsoft OS. Quality should not be a question since its Microsoft.

    Do not ever ever install fake licensed copies

    You can download Microsoft Security Essential from its official website.

    P.S: MSE offers regular updates, as paid software does.

    Abhishek Modi

  • Free version of any antivirus lasts for only 30days means only for a month. Using a free version of an antivirus will not give you full security to your computer. As soon as the antivirus gets expired your computer starts hanging and you will be fed up with the performance of your computer.

    Instead of using a free version you can buy kaspersky antivirus for a single PC,it costs only Rs.350 and for three uses it costs Rs.800, you can use it for an year with full protection.

    Kaspersky has two versions:
    2)Internet security

    Antivirus gives protection to your PC from any harmful active threats and it blocks you from the pages which are harmful and abusive. It makes sure that there is no virus in your system.

    Internet security gives you full protection through the internet and also protects your PC as well. It has more features for avoiding the phisling websites,mallicious and trojan affected mails. It keeps you secured from all kind of the viruses.

    With regards

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  • It is a myth that free antivirus software do not work as good as the paid version especially for home users.
    Each antivirus has its own set of definitions to identify a virus and other threats and remove them, but sometimes they even identify genuine and normal software or program as a virus and remove them or quartine them.

    There are two very good antivirus available in market for free which give complete protection without the hassle of first purchasing and antivirus and then renewing them every year. They are:
    1.Microsoft Security Essentials
    2.Spybot Search and Destroy

    Microsoft antivirus has following advantages:
    1. Small size program.
    2. Consumes very less RAM while scanning the computer.
    3. Very easy to use interface.
    4. Free forever.
    5. Freedom from ads and offers and a daily reminder of remaining days for expiry of antivirus, which is very irritating.
    Available for free if genuine windows copy is installed on computer.

    Spybot S&D has following benefit.
    1. It is open source antivirus and is constantly updated regularly by users all over the world.
    2. It is better than many paid antivirus as it can remove many virus and other threats which even a paid antivirus cannot do.
    3. Provides good offline and online protection.
    4. Again free forever.

    Again there is an option to get Avast antivirus which is free for a year for home users. This antivirus is one of the best.

    Never go for "Quick Heal", one of the worst antivirus. Made my laptop hang frequently and i always had to force shutdown my laptop and then restart to make it work. I was able to detect this problem only after consulting a software professional. From the day i have removed it my laptop never hanged.

    In the end it is always your decision to go for paid or free version but when good thing is available for free then why pay for it.

    Live before you leave.

  • I suggest the following reasons for using the antivirus for three different options with respect to the following concepts.
    1. Free Antivirus is possible through the internet world which is valuable in case if you need the help of antivirus immediately on your system and you do not want to pay for the same. In this case you can directly download the same on the system and can use further till its validity which is not more than 1 month in most of the cases.
    2. Considering the purchase of Antivirus by purchasing the licensed key and fake antivirus from a shop, I suggest this is a risky method of antivirus use and one should not use this opportunity for the application as required. I suggest to strictly avoid this statement.
    3. Considering the purchase of Antivirus from an authorized website or a single user sealed pack antivirus package with a hologram marked on it can be the best option for the use of Antivirus on the system since it is one handed brand new and without risk factor since protected with the licensed key for the same. I think we should strictly go with the option no. 3 always. It may be somehow costly but still comfortable if we look at it from the long term prospective.

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  • A licensed version of anti-virus software is the safest. Once installed, the online activation feature ensures that the license is valid. The live update feature updates the virus signatures and thus protects the system against the latest threats.
    Most free downloads of ant-virus software often only detect viruses but will not remove them. Even if they do remove viruses or quarantine them, they may fail against newer threats.
    Any unlicensed version with a bogus key may crash any time and bring down the system with it. At the end of it all, it might be cheaper to invest in good software rather than resort to system recovery!

  • You must choose the antivirus software according to your need and work performed by you on computer. You use this computer only for surfing and checking mail then I would suggest you to use free antivirus. Free antivirus are also very good and protect our computer and data in effective way. You may also shop online though free antivirus software. So, if you do only some general work from computer then you can use free antivirus. I am using avast antivirus for last 3 years and there is no problem. I am doing many work on computer like online banking, online shopping, net surfing etc.
    But, if you use this computer for business purpose and use a lot of money transaction then I would like to suggest you to use license version of antivirus.
    Remember license version antiviruses slow down speed of your computer.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Hi,
    Well as our friend said before,answer to this question depends upon two factors:

    1) Operating system that you are using & 2) Level of your expertise to configure both OS & the security software.

    I suggest you to use avast antivirus 2012 .This is available for free download at the official site of avast.
    After you download it just enter the key below.
    you will get a registration till 2038.


    If you think this will work as other free antivirus ,then sorry you are wrong.
    As soon as you enter the key that will work as efficient as any other paid antivirus.


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