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    What is paypal? How to create paypal account in india without using credit card.

    Do you want to know about Paypal and its features? Read on to know what our experts say about Paypal and the safety aspects of paypal transactions.

    I heard about paypal is best way to transfer money from one account to another account. I am still confusing how it works. Is the registration require credit card or some other bank information? Is it safe to create paypal account? Can i charge for each transaction?
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  • Credit Card is not required to open a PayPal account. It is the safest method of payment online. Through Paypal, transactions are more faster than credit cards.

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  • PayPal is an online transaction e-commerce system which allows users to transfer money between different accounts. This system overcomes the traditional paper work during transactions.

    For a PayPal transaction, as per Indian you have to verify your account by adding your PAN Permanent Account Number) card and Bank account information. Only verified users are allowed for transactions. You can also add your credit/debit cards as per your choice. PayPal is very safe and very good method of transaction. All you need is a bank account and PAN card. When you add your bank account PayPal will send you a small amount of money in two transactions. You have to take a statement of your account and check for those mini transactions into your account. You have to enter those amounts correctly in your PayPal verification process. If you enter amount correctly you will be authorized as a verified user.

    PayPal also provides types of accounts you want to create i.e. individual/business/corporate. Select accordingly.

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  • Paypal is a type of bank which transfer money online from one place to any part of the world.

    To create a paypal account without credit card is possible for Indians if they create a personal account .Just you need a Pan card for that and other details like name , address date of birth etc . In the credit card option don't click .

  • Yes, of course Paypal is the best way to carry out transactions online with maximum safety guaranteed. Being an Indian , all you need to do in order to create a paypal account is provide your PAN number and bank account information and some formal infos like name, address, type of account, etc. It is also the fastest way of online transaction and is greatly used by people throughout the globe.

  • Yes indeed PayPal is the best platform to transfer money online. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

    How it works?
    To get started with PayPal, you will need a valid email address, PAN number and bank account. First you will have to sign up with PayPal. Then fill all the details like name, age, date of birth, address, bank details, etc. For verification PayPal will deposit two small amounts in your given bank account. You will have to enter those exact amounts in your PayPal account. After verifying you will be allowed to transact money anywhere in the world. The verification process takes around two to three weeks time.

    Is the registration require credit card or some other bank information?
    Credit card is optional in India. If you don't want to enter your credit card details or if you don't have a credit card, then all you have to do is do not choose the credit card option.

    Is it safe to create PayPal account?
    Yes it is totally safe and secure to create and use a PayPal account.

    Can I charge for each transaction?
    Did you mean 'If PayPal charges for each transaction.' Yes PayPal charges for each transactions around 5%. However it depends on the amount and the account type (Personal account, Premiere account or Business account).

  • Pay Pal is one of the best and most trusted organization to make any monitory transaction. Specially, it's a secured place to find out a payment method for international transactions.
    To create a paypal account go to and create an account. you'll need to link it to a bank account and a number of security measures must be passed to ensure you are the owner of the bank account.
    To verify your Paypal account in India, HDFC netsafe card is valid.

  • Paypal is very safer transaction process on the global level. Same process one can follow for money transaction on the local level too. For creating the paypal account one has to go to website and register your personal and bank details. With the same if you want to align your credit card for easy transaction of money in and out, you can do this. For this your bank must authorize to use the credit card for registration. In some banks it is not possible. But you can easily use ICICI, HDFC, Axis bank credit card for this purpose.

    Using paypal you can transact more faster than with credit card. No commission will be deducted during transaction unless and untill it is been known at the first stage.
    Generally during some transaction paypal ensure to deposit some % of money with it, but it is refundable, once the transaction is successful.

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