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    How to reduce blood cholesterol levels?

    Have you been diagnosed with increased blood cholesterol levels? Read here to know about tips to reduce cholestrol levels and diet plan to reduce cholestrol levels.

    In todays jet age, people find it difficult to spend time on their fitness and also have a irregular food regime. Due to work pressure and stress, we hardly tend to have our meals on time. All this combined with junk food habits tends to increase the cholesterol levels in many of us. How is it possible to reduce the cholesterol levels and bring them within acceptable limits? Please share the various methods that we can adopt to bring down the cholesterol levels.
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  • Hai Bhakti Savla,
    Here I will suggest some points to reduce the blood cholesterol level.
    1)Simple exercise: Daily one hour morning walk itself will reduce so many problems like high blood cholesterol level, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

    2)Practice of diety food: For that avoid fried items, bakery items and include more vegitables like carrot, cucumber,green leafy vegitables etc.

    3)Drinking plenty of water: Drinking minimum 2 litres of water daily will also help.

    4) Daily practice of Yoga and Meditation will helps to reduce the work pressure and stress .That will help cholesterol metabolism.

    5) One more tip I will suggest. Daily intake of two pieces of garlic (which was dried in fire) at bed time will fasten the digestion and helps to reduce lever overload. One month usage of this may increase 10% in HDL level and 20% decrease in LDL triglicerides level.

    I hope these suggestions will help you a lot other than medicine.

  • Cholesterol is essential for body in normal levels. All cell membranes require cholesterol for proper functioning. Not all cholesterol is bad for health.

    Cholesterol is of two types:
    1)HDL (High Density Lipids)
    2)LDL (Low Density Lipids)

    High Density Lipids are good for health as they are degradable to simpler molecules which are digested or metabolized by body. But LDL levels are not good for health as they cannot be metabolized and are stored in body.

    To reduce LDL levels you have to avoid some foods and also eat some foods which reduce the cholesterol levels.

    Rich pastries
    Deep fried snacks and sweets
    Red meats
    Full cream milk and yogurt
    Condensed milk
    All full fat cheeses
    Fast foods
    Coconut oil
    Palm oil
    Restrict use of coconut milk

    These foods are high in cholesterol quantity and also aid in increasing the existing cholesterol levels.

    Now foods which reduce cholesterol levels are:
    -All kinds of vegetables, in any amount.
    -All kinds of lentils. They contain good amount of protein but no saturated fat.
    -Whole eggs – 3 times a week and one at a time.
    -Choose chicken (skinned), and all kinds of fish prepared in any way but not deep fried.
    -Fat free milk and yogurt and low fat cheeses
    -Fruits – at least 3 in a day. Eat any citrus fruit when you feel the need for a sweet.
    -Use sesame, mustard, olive, sunflower, soyabean, oil in cooking.
    -Not more than 2 cups coffee per day.

    Also with above foods, stop smoking and alcohol consumption if you have those habits.

    Thank you.
    Dr.Shashikanth Vydyula

    "Be Responsible Citizen and Follow Rules to Build Beautiful India"

  • The most important thing to be followed to reduce / control blood cholesterol levels is to take a healthy, simple and low fat diet supplemented with a regular exercise preferably a morning walk. Here what you need to do:

    • Avoid taking fatty foods / oil rich foods
    • Avoid taking whole milk and milk products like butter, ghee. But do not totally stop taking instead take very little of it.
    • Avoid depending too much on fast foods.
    • Take simple and healthy food which is rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • Increase the intake of fresh vegetable and fruit salads.
    • Avoid taking nuts like cashews, almonds and the like, Instead you can consume walnuts which contain good cholesterol
    • A regular exercise preferably a morning walk is considered very effective as it enhances the circulation of blood and thus helps in the supply of rich oxygenated blood to various parts of the body.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,
    Though cholesterol is an important part of healthy diet but high cholesterol causes heart disease & other health problem.Cholesterol can prevent by following way:
    1.Walnuts,almonds are rich in fatty acids which lower cholesterol
    2.Avoid fat foods like dairy products,tropical oil such as coconut oil,baked goods etc.
    3.exercise daily for half an hour.
    4.if you smoke avoid smoking.

  • Cholesterol is a greek word. Chole means bile , steros means solid, ol means alcohol. Cholesterol is essential for the body and helps in membrane permeability. Though cholesterol is essential for body high blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack. In order to reduce cholesterol you should do certain excersices . Yoga helps to reduce cholesterol. Best method is to increase the intake of garlic. If you do not like garlic in food you can take LASUANA capsules by himalaya pharmacy daily morning it works 100% to reduce cholesterol.

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