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  • Can one grow taller after the age of 20?

    Ashamed of your height and want to know whether one can grow taller after the age of 20? Let us see what our experts say on the best way to become taller.

    Hi. My name is Arnab. Till I was in class 7,my height was never a problem.But during class 9 I found out that my friends have grown taller than me. I am in college now, and i am only 5 feet 4 inches, whereas my friends are atleast 3 inches taller than me.So is there any way that I can grow taller now?
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  • Dear Arnab,

    The growth in height after age of 20 happens only in exceptional cases. However generally boys grow till the age of 21 easily. But if you are really interested and serious about it you must do hard work. Do exercise regularly, have a nice diet chart and follow instructions given by doctors.

    Cause efforts always worth. They sometimes not give us everything we want but at least we will not regret our self in future for this cause. Remember where there is a will there is a way.

    Sandeep Pandey

  • Growth after maturation (adultery) isn't possible as most of your cell are fully matured and grown. Growth of the body mainly stop after 18 years as the body minimizes the production of growth hormone in our body as the result our growth biologically stops. Now your body cell will only multiply (divided) to replace your dead cell and it will not multiply to increase your growth.

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  • Hello,
    If you want to increase your hieght you have to do exercise daily. You have to do all that things by which your hieght will be increased. You have
    to take milk regularly. Here i am telling about some special type of exercises and diet that you have to follow:

    1. Stretching Exercise

    2. Exercises For The Spine: It tend to be the easiest only requiring simple things as hanging, swimming ect..

    3. Exercises For The Knee's: It some people these exercises are even more effective than spinal ones. But It has to be remember, to do both type of
    exercises so you don't look odd with long legs and a small back.There is one another exercise in here that can even help peoples to grow plates whose are over
    24 yr olds, this exercise is called "Micro Fracture & Ankle Weights technique".


    As far as diet is concerned you should avoid food having high carbohydrate content. You have to sttop to eat fast food, you can eat food containes protiens,
    vitamins, calciums etc.

  • @Lienda, It is not the ceasing of Growth hormone in the body after puberty but the fusion of epiphysial/growing ends of the bones due to the effect of the sex hormone. Infact the growth hormone is still important and acts in the growth of muscles after the puberty. Growth hormone is present all through the life and influences the protein turnover.

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  • Hello brother here is an answer that cheers you up
    growth after 20 is certainly possible but you need to do vigorous efforts in order to achieve that.
    our bones get fused at 22 and then actually growth stops.
    the reason why some say that its impossible to grow after 18 is that till 18 we could have a great change with a very little effort but after 18 it is not so we need to put vigorous efforts.

    You mainly need to consult a physician.BUT never get depressed by what others say always remember confidence is the key to success.
    you mainly need to concentrate on stretching exercises, a proper diet which includes milk,eggyolk,nuts fruits etc..
    sufficient amount of sleep nearly 9 hrs
    u may refer my answer to a question how to increase height which is in the same category..
    Enjoy the life..
    wishing u a brighter (heighter) days a head brother

  • Most probably you wont get taller after the age 20.The growing age will ends at the period of 18-19 years old.You are 5.4 feet tall that is not a bad height.Don't be shy of it.Be happy of the abilities given by god.Height doesn't describes a man.

    With regards & best of wishes,


  • Sorry, friend. But, at the age of 10 your body growth cells are close to fusing together which will make your body skeleton permanent. Hence, I would say that you get up and run your body around with 45 mins of hanging with weights per week and 30-60 mins of stretches per day. This will surely give you 2-4 inches before its tooo late.

    PM me if you want any more info. I have many exercises which will specifically increase your height.

  • You concern is about the height after the age 20 year. Yes, it is possible to increase our height after the age 20 year, however it requires a constant exercise and a healthy diet. In market there are various products available which help to increase the height. However before taking it, you should have sufficient exercise and healthy diet.

    1. Market product to increase height :
    Nutrient C– (Ascorbic Acid)
    Vitamin B-3

    Apart from these product following point need to be considered for growing the height:
    Physical exercise, Resistance Training, Stamina Training, sufficient Sleep and most important healthy diet.

    However, your height is not matter of concern 5 feet 4 inch is quite good height. However if you want to build attractive body, then height is necessary. In such case, you can visit a doctor and take guidance from them. They will surely help you to increase your height.

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