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    How to protect our Password to save our online account

    Afraid of losing personal data on social networking sites and want to know how to protect passwords of Gmail, Facebook and other online banking accounts from being hacked. Read on to know more on how to protect online accounts from being hacked and how to choose a secure password.

    I would like to know how to protect our Password in few sites like Facebook, Gmail account, Banking account and so on. Nowadays, we have some sensitive issue that anyone can try to use our password for opening our banking a/c by using password - I received SMS saying that your bank a/c is opening in different IP address and if you have not done, please contact bank customer care immediately.
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  • Here are a few techniques to safeguard your password:
    1. Use strong passwords. Strong passwords use a mixture of alphabets, numbers and symbols like $, *.
    2. Longer passwords are difficult to hack, so ensure that your passwords are long.
    3. Beware of social engineers who get friendly with you for the sole purpose of obtaining confidential information.
    4. Don't use meaningful words. Take a word you'd like to use as a password, jumble up the letters, substitute consonants for vowels, and add a few special characters.
    5. Don't write down your password on scraps of paper and leave them lying around.
    6. Don't reveal anything confidential in any of your networking sites.
    7. Above all, never reveal your password to anyone.

  • Hi, you can protect your password by doing simple things.
    1. Password length should be long and use symbols in your password like $, % etc.
    2. Change your password every week. Make some changes in your password time to time.
    3. Don't use password like your date of birth etc. Make password which is completely differs in your life.


  • Tips for protecting your password:
    1.Use a powerful password, and reset it currently and then. One common trick to strengthen passwords is to use a mixture of lower- and upper-case letters, and to substitute look-alike characters for bound letters in a word.

    2.Sign in to your account by self-typing the address for the log-in page , or by using a link you've saved yourself, not linking to a login-page provided by some other person (such as a link in an e-mail you've got received).

    3.Avoid accessing your account from unsecured networks and public computers.

  • Dear friend,
    The password you are typing should be so critical so that one cannot easily identify them.The password should contain alphabet,numbers,symbols and space between them.so it will be acting as a strong password and if you want to secure as it is so important just go for antivirus that also supports internet banking,mailing and all kind of protection to your data like kaspersky original version not pirated one like wise you can choose the best antivirus for your protection.

  • Dear friend, I suspect the answer of your question is only with you. Please understand the following tips.
    1. Always use very strong password. You can understand well how to create the strong password from many searches on the google website which can easily enable you to understand the creation of strong password.
    2. Do not share your password with anybody at any cost under any circumstance whatsover be the situation.
    If it has happenned, please change the password at the earliest without causing any delay.
    3. Do not click on the icon below the password at any website which can maintain and store your existing password on the system.
    4. Do not use the netbanking with your account (your user id and password) at any cyber cafe which may be harmful and there are several cases happenned for stealing the password and thereby emptying the entire account.
    Please take care with above tips. Be smart. Good Luck

    "Do not get disappointed with change in circumstances. Ride on the changed circumstances and get the solution"

  • This really serious issue which is faced by many of us. Practically we can not stop hackers but at least we can take some safety measures to keep our valuable information away from hacking.

    1. Always try to create alpha-numeric password with the help of upper and lower case letters.

    E.g. - Slow@897d

    2. Long passwrod can not hacked easily than short one. Hence it is always advisable to use long password.

    3. Avoid to use public computers when you are login into banking websites.

    4. Even you can check the strength of your password from website shared below.

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