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    What are the current pay scales of Professors in Engineering colleges?

    Looking for information on jobs for professors in engineering colleges? Find out the job details and salary structure for professors of engineering colleges.

    Hello members,

    I want to know, What are the current pay scales of Professors in Engineering colleges? What is the pay structure for assistant professor, associate professor and professor? Which body of Indian Government governs this pay scale and related issue? How they decide the gross salary of government employee like professor including DA, HRA and Basic? What is the usual way to calculate gross salary from basic pay? What is the meaning of grad pay? When it changes for employee?
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  • Dear Sir,

    The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)is the governing council which looks after the payment of teachers and recently has revised the pay scales for the teachers of various departments in engineering colleges in India.

    The different pay scales are as follows:
  • Professor:Rs.37400-Rs.67000 + AGP 10000

  • Assistant Professor (more than three years):Rs.37400 Rs.67000 + AGP 9000

  • Assistant Professor (less than three years):Rs.15600-Rs.39100 + AGP 8000

  • Still, the payment differs a little from college to college. Higher number of year experience in this field and having certifications certainly increases your monthly/quarterly/annual payment.

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  • hi

    Generally the pay scale is as follows.

    Professor:Rs.47400-Rs.68000 + AGP 10000

    Assistant Professor :Rs.37400 Rs.77000 + AGP 9000

    Assistant Professor :Rs.15600-Rs.59100 + AGP 10000

    Payment differs a from colleges to college. If its college play scale is little less and if its private than higher.

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