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    What is the Amazon mechanical turk (Artificial intelligence)?

    Are you willing to earn smart online part time income? Here we are having a review of Amazon mechanical turk and what does requester or worker there means. Read our expert opinion for the same.

    When I search in Google for how to earn money suddenly i find the Amazon mechanical turk. In this website it require to login or signup as worker or requester.
    It describes that as the you can Get paid for doing good work and as the requester Pay only when you are satisfied with the results.
    I dont understand about the requester or worker and it provides an HITS(Human Intelligence Tasks) and work on that HITS. So I want to know about this all.
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  • Hey,
    Amazon Mechanical Turk is basically a site that pays you for completing tasks called HITS. Basic HITS include checking the given site names to see whether they match with the provided websites. Also, you might be asked to select correct options based upon a tweet or a blog post. Most of these are basic tasks and you are paid to do so if you provide the right answers. You may be paid 3 cents per submitted HIT or more.
    Although I have an account over the Amazon Mechanical Turk, I personally prefer clixsense over AMT. This is because AMT will pay you only for tasks and tasks most may not be for you, there is eligibility criteria for many tasks and Indians don't fall in many of these.
    Clixsense on the other hand provides selected tasks that are open to everyone and they also reward you if you finish the maximum tasks in a month. And in addition to all this, they pay you to click on ads and complete offers and refer friends and many more. There are more ways to earn money on clixsense, so clixsense is better than Amazon Mechanical Turk.
    You can refer to the article on How to earn money on clixsense for more detailed info.
    Happy earning.

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  • Amazons' mTurk is a website where in you can earn money online in a legit way. I used mTurk for a while and had a pretty nice experience with it.
    Like you said, once you log in, you get to choose the HITs that you would want to work on. When you check the number of hits available a few would be in 1000s, a few in 100s and a few even lesser. More the number of hits available, the easier the tasks are, but lesser the pay would be. So to get a hold of it, you first work with the easier ones and then move on to the tougher ones.

    The problem with you wanting to work on the tougher ones would be - If you dont succeed in a hit, you success percentage drops and there are a few good hits out there that needs a good success percentage.

    If you want to make some quick money through mTurk, search for all the surveys that you are eligible for. Surveys pays you good money, but be sure to read all the terms and conditions before you do the survey.

    Hope this answers your question.

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