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    Am I eligible for the post of lecturer in Engineering Colleges as per AICTE norms?

    Want to switch your career from IT industry to academics? Find out what is the eligibility criteria for the post of lecturers in Engineering college and how much is the salary of lectures in Engineering colleges.

    Hello All,

    I have completed my B.E Computer Science from Madras University.I have 4 years of experience in Software industry as a developer.Currently i am working as Senior Software Engineer.

    But i want to work as a lecturer in Engineering Colleges.

    Can some please suggest me whether i am eligible?
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  • This question has been previously asked by some other ISCian so posting the link of that forum thread, there look for the sandya rani's reply

    link: Visit

  • I think that you are eligible for a lecturer post in any engineering college as per AICTE rules and guidelines. You have an engineering bachelor degree from a good institute and you have a good experience in the industry as well. So I think that no legislation will come in your way to become a lecturer in any engineering colleges. All you have to do is to keep on filling wants in engineering colleges for a lecturer. For finding jobs you can refer to Jobs section. Good luck!

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  • No you are not eligible for lecturer post as per the norms of AICTE.
    You need a Post graduation degree in engineering i.e. M.Tech., then you can apply for the post for Lecturer in any college.

  • Still with your B.Tech. degree, you may teach as a guest lecturer in any government institution or private institution. Other than that, you may be the permanent lecturer in the colleges with Diploma, ITI or Polytecnic course.
    Good luck for your career!

  • As per AICTE guidelines, in order to become a lecturer in engineering(B.Tech) colleges , candidate should be post graduate in engineering(M.Tech) or Ph.D holder. But with bachelors degree in engineering you can become lecturer in state polytechnic colleges for diploma or ITI courses. Hope such info will be satisfactory

  • According to the new rules introduced by the AICTE, one needs to have a post graduate degree for becoming a lecturer in engineering colleges. AICTE has given a strict notice to all the colleges last year, to appoint M Tech lecturers only and the existing lecturers should enroll themselves for the M Tech. So although you are from a good college and you have the software experience, then also you are not eligible to apply for the post of lecturer in the Engineering colleges.

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