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    Difference between Sales and Marketing ?

    Want to know the difference between sales and marketing? Find out what is marketing and what is sales, and how sales is different from marketing.

    These two terms are synonyms and used alternatively in our day to day life. Earlier we used to call a person is working in Sales department but now a days a lot of companies have Marketing department which does the same work what sales people do.

    So the question is what is sales and what is marketing. Are they one and the same or these two terms are different? Please give me elaborated answer with definition.
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  • Marketing and Sales are important aspects in business. Both are inevitable activities in any organisation.

    The differences between marketing and sales are as follows:

    1) Marketing is considered to be a wider term than sales. It includes identifying customers, producing innovative products, branding, advertising, public relations,sales, etc. Thus, sales is just a stage or an activity of marketing.

    2) Marketing is the process of creating demand for a product in the market whereas sales is refers to fulfilling these demands.

    3) Marketing helps the organisation to create a brand image of the product or service in the minds of the people while sales involves the selling of that product or service.

    4) Marketing is an indirect activity whereas sales is a direct activity.
    For example; when you do all the activities to reach your target audiences (i.e; consumers) to create demand then it is said to be marketing. You are said to do sales when you are achieving your goals by directly selling your products via direct calls or so.

    5) Marketing targets a large group or the general public. Sales on the other hand targets individuals.

    6) Marketing means generating prospects while sales means converting the prospects into orders or purchases.

    7) Marketing is a long term process which involves brand building, advertisements etc. whereas sales is a short term process of identifying the target consumer.

    Though Marketing and Sales differ in the above said ways, they are interlinked and interconnected which are aimed to increase in revenue.

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  • Marketing is wider term than sales
    . Sales simply means selling of a product in the market which is produced without knowing what the people in the market want.
    On the other hand marketing means take the market analysis first, and then produce those goods which people demands.

  • Hi Manesh,
    Sales is a special department in business which involves its secondary activities to promote and increase the volume and amount of sales and thus result in a huge turnover of profits.

    On the other hand, Marketing is an aid to sales. Because Marketing is defined as the prime activity with regards to the promotion, advertising, publicity, customer awareness, improving quality of the product etc by which large number of customer get attracted to buy the products and hence the sales reach its target point.

    Aditya Das
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  • Sales and marketing both terms are very different but people don't realize the difference between those two words. Sales and marketing both are important activities for every successful organization and these terms are useful for increase revenue.
    In small organization sales and marketing activities perform by only one person.
    Here are some difference of that two terms:
    - Marketing is broader term then the sales because marketing consist all the terms related to sales. So sales is one type of activity part of Marketing.
    - Marketing activity include create the demand of brands in market. And sales activity include fulfill that demands.
    - The role of marketing is to generate interest of customers in products. the role of sales is to convert the prospects to actual paying customers.
    - In small organization one person/department perform both activities of marketing and sales. but in large organization there are different department for both marketing and sales.
    - Marketing is more important than sales because without marketing any person/organization cannot sell the products or other services.

  • Lets make it simple by saying that marketing generates sales. Hence marketing becomes a wider term when compared to sales.
    When a new product is to be brought into market then the companies first market the product which we generally say that it is a market gimmick. E.g. Advertisements you see on television is a part of marketing strategy to generate sales and not actual sales.
    Sales is when a product is purchased by the end consumer for consumption.
    Sometimes best of products fail to sell due to bad marketing strategies. To cite you an example of a successful company named Whirlpool which was earlier known as Puff. When Puff came into market in 90s' and its marketing strategy was not good even though its products were among the best. It later changed its name and marketing strategy and re-marketed its product with new brand name Whirlpool and now there is no need to tell about its success story.

    Hence in short you can differentiate between the two by remembering that "there is no smoke without fire" and "there is no sales without marketing."

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  • Sales and marketing are not synonyms. Marketing is a wider tem and includes various activities and sales is one among it. Marketing starts from market research and end at after sales services. It also includes product designing, pricing, finding a place for business, market segmentation, targeting customers, branding, packaging, promotional activities such as advertising , sales promotion, personal selling and so on. Whereas sales is an activity just intended to sell a company's product. The sales force of a company is the main people responsible for getting revenue for the firm. They need to find customers for the company's product. The advertising and other promotional activities undertaken by the firm helps the sales force in generating more sales. Normally in a firm there will be two different departments – one is Sales department and the other is Marketing department.

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  • Hello Friends,
    I think that these two words Sales and Marketing are two entirely different concepts. I too had the thought that marketing and sales are one and the same before joining the management courses. Even at an Interview I asked similar things for both marketing and sales and thus was rejected. Let me explain the things in a detailed manner.
    Sales- A part of Marketing
    Sales is just moving the product from the salesmen to the customer. Sales is a minor step that is included in marketing and perhaps one of the final steps. It is the concept of only profit earned by selling things to the customers and there are yet more things that should be studied and there comes the need of marketing in the business.

    Marketing is the wider scope that has got various steps in that like
    Designing the product
    The first and foremost thing in marketing is the designing of the product. The product is designed in such a manner that it attracts the people and the best example is the Dell laptops that used a different design when almost all the other companies used the similar colors like Black and white. This made a huge impact in the market and was a great success.
    placing the product
    Placing the product is one of the other thing that needs to be carefully done. A slight mistake can affect the market to a greater extend. The product should be placed in a proper time and int he right market with all the factors coinciding the market for the product. The things like Price and quality should be kept in mind while making the decision.
    Finding the satisfaction level
    Most of the companies that are well versed try to find the customer satisfaction level by various methods like Questionnaires, providing samples etc., Top brands like Pepsodent, P & G, etc., have used these techniques to find the satisfaction level of the customers towards the product.
    Finding the target people
    One of the most important thing that is to be taken care is finding the target which are aimed by the companies to place the product. There are some who give preference to Quality though the price is high and some to quantity.
    After sales service
    The most important thing that attracts the people are after sale service that is one of the most important thing that are focused by the people. IFB and Dell are the most important companies that are known for the service and this gives an assurance the people thereby widening the market for the product.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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