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    How to face tricky interview questions

    Want to know how to face tricky interview questions like "why should we hire you" from an interviewer? Learn what kind of tricky questions are asked in interviews, how to prepare for them and how to answer questions in an interview.

    Suppose you are going for the interview and the interviewer asks you a question as below

    "Why should we hire you?"

    What will be your best answer for this question. Just feel as if you are being asked the question by an Assistant to Chairman and not your friend Manesh.
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  • Usually these kind of questions does not have direct answer. First thing you should try to gather information about company and the position you getting hired. Then try to relate yourself with the post you are looking for this is the only best way I have found with my experiences.

  • You have to prepare yourself confident. Like if you are asked this question you have to tell about your experience and knowledge and about your achievements. Do not say like you highlight your self more but tell the truth with confidence that you deserve the post. These questions are asked to judge your confidence and your strength. They want from you that from inside you are eligible for the post and you know about the company's history. Can you put your best to the company? These questions will reflect your ability to do a job.


  • Be prepared. Use the questions to your advantage. Don't answer anything you feel you shouldn't have been asked. Sell yourself wherever you can.

  • Tips to answer tricky interview questions like "Why do we hire you?" are as under:
    -Do lot of research about the company before going for an interview.
    -Every company believes in certain values and it is important to know them before hand.
    -Be honest during the interview.
    -Project yourself as a person who perfectly fits the requirements and give real life examples where you fulfill the values that the company believes in.
    -Display your learning attitude and flexibility to adjust in any kind of work environment.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • The best way to answer such questions is:
    1) Try to maintain an eye-to-eye contact while answering.
    2) Look confident. Your face should have no signs of negation.
    3) Reply about your efficiency and experience related to the eligibility criteria and never forget to add "May I" instead of "Can I" or so while cross questioning and requesting the employers about any issue regarding the advertise of employment or like that.
    4) At the completion of your answer, be confident and wait for the reply. Don't be oversmart to judge yourself and ask like "Am I successful and found eligible, Sir?"

    Aditya Das
    'Errors always show the lightened path of perfection'

  • To answer tricky questions one needs to be confident. Always remember the interviewer doesn't know anything about you. And he wants to know from you so don't panic instead calm down focus on intonation and articulation. Tell whatever comes in your mind but beware only answer what has been asked. Keep a pleasant smile while answering. Feel free while answering.
    If you are tensed and out of words don't show it instead show him that you are confident and knowledgeable because if you panic and become of words it will impact negatively and the interviewer will loose confidence in you. If the interviewer ask the question "Why should we hire you?" answer him in the way that I can be proof as an effective and efficient assert in your company. I am hardworking, talented and a quick learner.

  • You can try to answer casually, it is not sure that you will be getting selected or not though you no need to loose your confidence upon interview. So, be very casual and show little seriousness. That's it, you will show them that you are very confident for what you replied.

    You need to be ready to face any tricky question. As you said above, you can reply that "I am the suitable person for your organization". It may look funny but maximum possible for success as you are showing your confidence.

    They may ask you even more tricky question (not in all organization but few) like what is your plus points and negative points, which post you will be in after three years and so on. Be prepared.

    Go through some funniest and serious one Interview articles in various websites to get some idea. All the best.

  • When they ask "why should I hire you?" it simply means they are testing your confidence and clarity on your skills. At this time it is advisable to talk about your skills which is relevant to the JD of the job for which you are being interviewed.

  • Interviewers are trying to find out your negative points through this question. SO you need to be very alert while answering these types of questions. Companies always like smart workers than hard workers
    1) Be confident.
    2) Make them understand that you are a sincere and smart worker

  • hi,

    You should have good knowledge of what going in world, You should read Newspaper watch News channel for that.
    Be confident while facing the interviews, buy some book which will help you for tricky type questions. These books will boost up your confidence level at certain level.You should have the knowledge of your course also.

    all the best

  • Interviews are not much tough if we prepare our fundamentals and basic things well.

    1.Be cool and answer truly as you are.
    2.Don't be nervous and keep your attitude positive towards any approach of answer.
    3.Keep in mind that 'NOBODY IS A PERFECT' so if you don't know any answer than say sorry for it.
    4.Think about basic things of any question , you will find any link to answer it.
    5.Be honest and use general awareness and experience.
    6.Prepare well about company and your skills and general knowledge questions and must read any news paper.


  • Tackling questions of the interviewer is very important in an interview. We should explain them about our strengths , out previous experience if any etc to the interviewer.

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