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    What are the future prospects of Quality Analysts in BPO Sector?

    Want to know about the future career prospects BPO sector quality analyst? Learn about the chance of promotions and career advancement of a BPO quality analyst.

    My question is what are the future prospects or promotion chances for the Quality Analysts in BPO Sector. Is there any correspondence or online valid courses available which can be done along with the job in this field to get promotion? Kindly suggest the scope of Quality Analysts (QA) in other fields too.

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  • Future prospect of quality analyst is good not only in BPO but also in other sector also.
    QA works in Quality management Group. That comes under the Support givers. QA has the power to question the operation if they are not managing properly.
    Courses that can be done for the career prospect for QA's are:
    Quality management courses are provided by the Sikkim Manipal University it provides the course from distance education.
    Apart from that you can go for Six sigma which can be resulted fruitful in your career. You have to start with Yellow Belt.
    If you get cleared in yellow belt projects you can go for Green Belt and then Black Belt. These are the short term courses which can help you to grow more and more.
    And later you can work as Six sigma project runner,
    and can also work as a freelancer of Six sigma.
    You can work as a Quality Six sigma T.L
    And later can work as a Vice-President in it.

    Pradeepta Sen

  • For BPO quality analyst means satisfy the customer. Ensure proper resolution has been made.
    The quality analyst (QA) is in charge of ensuring that the application is built according to the plan.

    In India and abroad QA has a lot of opportunity for future growth.
    Quality analyst is a very important role in any industry, be it is Software/IT, Finance, Telecom, Insurance, aerospace, satellite etc.

  • BPO is a very process driven industry i.e the operations in BPO and KPO sectors follow certains norms or standards so that the results and the deliverables are good in terms of Quality.Thus, for BPOs, Quality department plays a very important role to ensure that the processes and operarations are following a minimum quality standards specified by the clients.
    BPO Quality departments operates majorly in the domain of Transactional Quality where they help the operation departments in the following ways:
    Build process
    Prepare SOP ( Standard Operating Systems)
    Prepare CTQs (Critical to Quality) parametrs
    Prepare MIS and Reports for various analysis
    Prepare Dashboard
    Perform Audit

    In some BPOs, Quality department are part of operations only considering the criticality of the role.

    All the above areas are essential for BPO Processes to operates. Thus, a Quality Executive has a huge scope in BPO/KPO industry.One can be Six Sigma Certified ( Green/Black) or certified in statistical Quality to enhance the profile further.Also, since this is a niche line , there is a scarcity of good talent thus making it a high salaried job eg.

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