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    Which washing machine should I buy?

    Hai friends,
    I am going to buy a washing machine. But I dont know anything about it. How much will be its capacity? There are 4 members in my family. Which brand is good? What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic?
    Thanks in advance.
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  • The present market is flooded with good brand of washing machines and it depends on the consumer to select the one as per his choice and budget as well. Some of the top selling brands of washing machines with long life are LG, Whirlpool, IFB, Samsung and Electrolux. However, my vote is for LG and Whirlpool as these I feel are the best.

    And it is always to go for a fully automatic washing machine as we need to do anything and just load the clothes and press the selected options in the machines like water level and the like and accordingly the machine will do its work right from taking water through the tap, washing the clothes, rinsing them and then spin dry the clothes. And after that you need to just take out the clothes and spread them in the sun or shade and these will dry within minutes. There are even some machines with dryers as well but I don't advise these as the clothes will be fully crushed and leave a crushed mark on them

    Whereas for semi automatic machines, some of the tasks you need to do physically and at times you feel much strained and don't find time also to do the work. Hence it is always preferable to buy a fully automatic one. And for the fully automatic ones, you can even load the clothes and no need to look after it till the washing job is done.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Ashwini,
    I use LG multi functional and automatic washing machine at my home. The washing results and functioning are just brilliant. So, I would recomend it for you too.

    Aditya Das
    'Errors always show the lightened path of perfection'

  • Your family is of 4 members. So, you can buy a 5 to 7 kg washing machine. 5 Kg will be optimum for your family.

    Semi automatic machines need you to set the timer for wash and then then set the timer for rinse to dry the clothes. Semi automatic machines are cheaper and comes in the range of Rs.6000 to Rs.10000.

    Fully automatic machines are more convinient to use because you only need to put your clothes along with water, while rest of the things are handled by the machine itself.

    If you are planning to buy a semi automatic washing machine, go for whirlpool or LG.
    If you want to buy a fully automatic machine, go for LG, IFB, and Samsung.

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  • Semi Automatic Washing machines typically require manual loading of Clothes for different process such as Washing and Drying.

    Fully Automatic washing machines are pre-programmed and will soak, wash and dry the clothes from one tumbler itself. Continuous and sufficient water supply through a tap is required for these kind of machines.

    There are basically two types of loading : Front loading and Top loading. Over the years, it has been preferred by users to have Front loading machines than top loading machines.

    Almost all washing machines are installed on belt driven system and nowadays direct driven machines are being introduced in market (Eg: LG). Direct driven can save energy.

    IFB is the most popular brand that too in front loading other leading brands include : Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung.

    Go though all the specification against your exact requirement to choose the right one.

  • Before buying washing machine of any brand you should consider below mentioned points:

    - Capacity of washing machine in context of members in a family
    - Semi-automatic v/s fully automatic washing machine according to need of a family. Also there is more wastage of water in fully automatic washing machine as compared to semi-automatic washing machine though it requires user to do some manual work
    - After sale service offered by various washing machine manufacturers
    - Warranty period covered by various washing machine manufacturers
    - Front loading v/s top loading washing should be paid due consideration as many users prefer top loading washing machine due to ease of operation
    - Type of repair service offered by washing machine manufacturers i.e. on site or off site service, generally on site service is preferred by users.

    Few famous brands in Washing machine industry are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, IFB, BPL

  • Thank you all for your valuable opinions. Thanks a lot.
    @ Aditya,
    I am Aswin, not Aswini.
    I think you are new to here. Please go through the postng guidelines.

    Thanks again.

  • You can buy Samsung or LG washing machine, try to buy full automatic washing machine that comes in around Rs 10,000/=. I would prefer you to buy top loading fully automatic washing machine.

    There are two types of fully automatic washing machines, one is top loading washing machine and another is front loading fully automatic washing machine. Front load washing machine cost is little extra or double when it compare to top loading fully automatic machine, so, buy only top loading fully automatic washing machine.

    Semi-automatic washing machine is not recommended nowadays.

  • For your family i would like to advice you to buy 5 to 7kg and automatic machine.
    You can buy the best washing machine for your home with the 6th sense cooling system,fully automatic washing machines by Whirlpool India.
    For semi automatic machines by Samsung India is best option.

  • Aswin,

    You are lucky to have many expert suggestions. I am also adding to the list.

    The majority of suggestions are for favour of automatic machine.

    I give you the opposite. I suggest yo go for a 6 - 7 kg capacity semi automatic washing machine.
    The reason for my suggestions are :-

    1.If you(your family) have not yet used washing machine, immediate transition to a fully automatic machine will be not advisable. Semi automatic has retained some of the familiar actions one is hbituated in manual washing. It helps in lessening effort, but gives us space to interfere in between and check our washing or drying as per our satisfaction.

    2. Semi automatic machine is suitable for localities with water and / power problems. Fully automatic machine needs continuous water supply and almost permanent fixture. In semi automatic machine user can control water usage as per necessity.

    3.Semi automatic machine can be moved to a dry place after use. So it will not hinder us when in not use. This movement is not much feasible in fully automatic as it is advisable to keep it fixed.

    4.Corrosion damage is lesser in semi automatic machines as most of them are having fibre body.

    5. Functional convenience is there in semi automatic machine as there are two separate drum for washing and spinning(drying).

    6. Cost is relatively less for semi automatic machine.

    Considering all the above,I will suggest you to go for a 6 - 7 kg semi automatic machine initially. Once the users become well familiarised, they will know what they want and then can go for a machine probably with more convenient features at that time.

    ( I write this from my experience.Once, I had to discard a fully automatic machine due the problems of water shortage and corrosion. As the water supply was regulated WM had to be used at specific times and had to be used as semi automatic, by pouring stored water. Ironically I had to dispose it as scrap and get a semi automatic one)

  • I would suggest you to buy a 5Kgs full automatic washing machine with top loading and of either the brand Whirlpool or LG. You do not have to get worried of using the washing machine for the first time as all the washing machines comes with a user friendly manual and is easily understandable. If in case you have any query, check online and you will get prompt assistance.

    Difference between full automatic and semi automatic washing machine.
    There is not much of a difference between the two. In semi automatic machine, after the clothes are been washed, you have to take it manually and put it into the tumbler for draining off the water in the clothes. In full automatic machine, there is only one tumbler and every setting is been pre-set. The washing machine will itself wash, rinse and drain the water in the clothes and will get automatically switched off after it is done. Full automatic washing machines are expensive than semi-automatic machines.

    If you have a tight budget :
    Any purchase depends upon the buyer's budget, so does here. If you have a tight budget, you can go for cheaper brands like Supra, Super General and so on. Even though they are cheap doesn't mean that their functioning is poor. I have been using a Super General washing machine and had no complaints with it so far. Also in-order to reduce the cost price, you can buy a semi-automatic machine and do that little part of the job manually, if you have the time.

    Front loading and Top loading :
    I feel top loading machines are better when compared to the front loading ones. In the front loading machines, the tumbler open from the front, that is of a little inconvenience and as you are using a washing machine for the first time I think top loading is the best. Also I have seen two varieties of surfs available in the market. In one they have written for front loading machines and in another they have written for top loading machines. I do not know what is the difference between two, but when you are purchasing surf, buy the one which is suitable for your machine.

    Other points to be noted :
    Apart from the above, certain other things are also to be noted while making a purchase. Check on the warranty available provided on the machine, nearest service center and the after sales services provided by the company.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

  • In current days, there are a lot of brands that is offering Washing Machines. I think for choosing a washing machine brand you need to take care of the following procedure in washing goes with both the machines automatic or semi automatic. Initially soaking is done for clothes and then washing of the clothes and then rinsing of the clothes and then drying of the clothes.

    In automatic machines the soaking and washing is kept together with a timer so both process requires just opening the tab for water and putting the desired amount of washing powder in it. After that once the washing is done you need to put the knob to rinse position. After repeating the procedure for 2-3 times you need to remove the rinsed clothes to drying and spinning chamber which is for this purpose. Then start the procedure for drying and then remove the clothes. This is the procedure for semi Automatic machine but for fully automatic machines the process is just to put the detergent and desired amount of water and forget about it.

    There is slight drawback about Fully Automatic machines that it uses extra bit of detergent as well as water. So if you are living in a place where water is limited. Its definitely a no no for the Fully Automatic machines. The prices of automatic machines is just double than the semi automatic machines. One important fact is that some machines have steel tub and that is quite preferable as the plastic usually after some time degrade more than the steel one and looks more dirty no matter which color you chose.

    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

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